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Determine the Future through the Past - Day 280

MayaH - The Destonians - The Family of Life (Medium)I was looking today at an interesting design of how we structure our lives, based on the Past, within the knowledge and information that we have gathered thus far, as memories, experiences, beliefs, opinion and etc.  and accordingly, project it all on the Future within the belief that X,Y,Z are then the only possible outcomes.


An Example -

As a child, I dreamt about being a National Geographic Photographer because:


A. I enjoyed taking pictures.

B. I Fantasized on traveling around the world.

Thus, A+B brought me to the conclusion that I must become a National Geographic Photographer.
Then, as i grow up, more variables came into the Equation:

C. There isn't much income in it.

D. I won't be able to have a stable and constant Home and Family because I'll be traveling around the world.

Thus, A+B+C+D brought me to the Conclusion that I cannot pursue my Childhood Dream because C+D had more value according to my Pre-program Design.


From there, when seeing that C+D are more valuable and powerful, I changed the Variables:

E. I want to be a Psychologist because I want to help people.

So I registered to the University, got accepted, found an apartment and was 2 months a way from starting my new life path.

But then, in the Summer brake, I discovered that there was 'More' to life then what I knew about life thus far (School, Army, Traveling, University). I discovered 'Partying', Alcohol, Men and a perceive sense of Freedom and thus now:

F. I want to Party and have fun - that doesn't work with studying.

So I dropped out of school before I even started and now, the Family Pressure started to kick in as I was pushed to do something with my life meaning - get education.

So now that F is a valuable variable, I looked at how I can manipulate D with maintaining F.

My Parties Friends told me about a Private Collage where they plan to go to, and how awesome the Social life there, and the people are all rich and good looking and.. The parties.. The best parties ever.. And because I knew that my parents will pay anything for the sake of my education, I thus decided:

G. I will Study Business and Marketing within a special program that include last year of Education in Las Vegas. That sound like Fun. But, it doesn't really fit in with the Preprogram design because, I must stay in Israel, Develop a Career, find my partner, get married and have Kids. So The Family Pressure kicked in again and I decided to change G. to:

H. I'll study Business with specialty in Finance and at the same time I'll do L.L.B in Law.   


I finished school and now had to stop the Partying stage, find a job and be something in this world. I started a job in marketing. Without realizing, I became poor really quick because I could no longer be a bar tender and make lots of money with the living expanses of renting a house and owning a car, Food, Electricity and Etc.


I quit my job for a what was seem at that time as a promising career as a trader in the Capital Market. That wasn't a huge success and I had to quit after a year because I was really not good at my job. I didn't know what to do next because all my attempts to manifest D were coming to nothing. Sure, I had B.A in Business and L.L.B in Law but there was absolute nothing I wanted to do with that. I still couldn't see my future and specifically, couldn't see future happiness unless D will in some may would manifest.


This all story is to show you that we are making our decisions based on Prospect Experiences/Desires and Past Memories/Experiences, Beliefs, ideas and etc. that were infuse into us already in childhood and we blindly accepted this is if this is who we are and the life we must walk as who we are.


D, was a direct influence within every decision that I made throughout my life while I never stopped and actually invested a moment to investigate each and every point and within that, look at what I really want, Where and how I can discover my fullest potential that would truly give me a life that I'll be satisfied with, in every single moment with no Shadow of Regret.


When looking at D: 


"I won't be able to have a stable and constant Home and Family because I'll be traveling around the world"


Stable and Constant Home/Family indicate that what I wished for in essence was Security of the Future that only Money could give me. Home and Family Represent Stability according to the world System eye's view and that is something that each one of us is being trained to desire from the first moment we remember ourselves. It has been advertised in any Children books, Movies, Magazines and TV Shows. It has been advertised in every Religion and Culture. We have been Programed, generation after Generation to maintain and sustain a Life of Survival within Separation as a principle. We have been Trained to do what ever it takes to Win the life anyone wants to have while only 1% of the 1% can physically have. We have Compromised through the Belief that Love worth it all despite of the Common sense seeing that Love doesn't bring food to the table but Money is.


To Understand Preprograming in a nutshell, I suggest reading my blog series - 'The correction Process and the Desteni Message' and in the Future to Come, a new series will be available on EQAFE - the Physical Quantum Mind which would explain in Detail how the Pre-Program works on a Physical Quantum Mind Level and how  the first 7 years of a Child life would be the stepping stone from which the Child develop and Establish the Variables that would shape and mould every decision one would make throughout one's life. 


The point here to understand is: The Future is Unknown to us at the moment as we have separated ourselves from who we are and as such, can not see the physical reality clearly within all the relationships/variables it consist of and exists as. Sure, we can make common sense plans to make sure that our survival in this world is stable because we are still living in a system of Money and Survival. A point to consider here - is this the Life we want to leave for our Children? Is this the Future we want our Children to have? Isn't it the time to stop and create a future of abundance for all the member of the Family - Humans, Nature and the Animal Kingdom? If you find it in you to stand up for a future of Absolute Security, safety and dignity for all, I suggest to study the Equal Money System Proposal.


And on the Individual Level, one must understand how limited we are within our mind wherein, we believe that we can predict our future according to the variables we place in our Life-Equations without realizing that there are much more variables that we haven't consider at all. The Depression that I experienced in my life was due to me looking at the future through the glasses of the Past and not seeing anything that is worthwhile that may manifested within the Frame of Reference I programmed myself as.

I've realized though, that being Depressed when the Physical reality doesn't meat the Future Reality that I've planned, desired and wished for in my mind indicate the extent of separation that I have accepted and allowed within and as myself because in self honesty, I'm in a process of self discovery and if I project to  the future who I am now, I'm not giving me the space and time to expand, grow and discover myself because 'Who I am' in every moment was never part of the Dynamic Equation of Life.


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