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Unemployment will END in an Equal Money Capitalism - Day 279




In my Previous Blog, we were Looking at The Water Crisis in Uzbekistan as a Result of 'Successful' Cotton Industries that Diverted the Natural Water Resource of the Aral Sea into Irrigation of the Cotton fields. Within that, the only beneficiaries were and still are the Totalitarian Government and us, the Consumers that are able to purchases cheap Cotton on the Expense of the Humans, Animal Kingdom and Nature in the Aral Sea Area of Uzbekistan.


In this Blog, we will Look at the Life of the People in the Aral Sea area from the Perspective of the Prosperity of those who where dependent on the Sea on an Economic Level and in the next blog, we will look at the Consequences they are facing Both Economically and Physically that had emerged from the Disappearance of the Aral Sea.


The Problem:


For further Context and thus Understanding, I suggest Reading:

the EJF 'White Gold' Report' (PDF)

The Aral Sea: a prime example of human recklessness

People of the Lake




The 'Disappearance of the Aral Sea has been associated with the loss of thousands of jobs, especially in fishing related activities.


In the 1960s, the Soviet Union made the decision to build large pastoral dwellings for farmers and thus, long canals were created to irrigate the Farmer's Fields. Back then, the Aral sea had a commercial fishery that brought in more than 40,000 to 45,000 tonnes of fish each year. Thousands of fishermen worked the Aral, and others found jobs in processing plants, canneries and railroad yards, where train cars full of fish left daily for markets in Moscow.


Already in the 70ties, this dropped to 17,000 tonnes per year. The fish stock decreased further over the following years and families who had lived in the Aral Sea area for generations, making their living from fishing, either migrated or had to find new ways to earn money or… Remain unemployed.




The Testimonies of these families are quite frightening as their Life transformed from Prosperity to Absolute Poverty.


The Loss of Jobs and means to Survive is a Consequences we were all Directly Responsible for as it is us, who had accepted and allowed ourselves to be Brainwashed into Consumers that Buy and Buy and Buy without taking the Responsibility to investigate all things and keep that which is good. We are Responsible for the Lives of these Fisherman that are no longer able to Honourably support their Families but instead, strives for their Daily Survival.

As you would see in the next blog to come - The lost of their job is not even the Primary Consequences of the Aral Sea Diminishment. The Crucial Consequences is the Health Crisis that had manifested around the Aral Sea Area on a DNA level which would effect also the Generations to come.


The Solution:

There are already attempts to Save the Aral Sea however, so far, it was only been done on the North part of the Sea wherein the Uzbekistan People are still Desperate for a proper Solution that isn't coming and most likely won't come from their Totalitarian Government of Control and Greed.


However, in an Equal Money Capitalism where the Humans understand their Collective Responsibility for the better Life of ALL - the first step is to Investigate Solutions to Restore the Sea Level. We must Internalize that it was Humans who Created the Problem with the Aral sea, it must be Humans to find a solution to Undo/Correct the Problem and so, Prevent Future devastating Consequences.


The People around the Aral Sea Area will be Employed to Research their Resources and be Supported by the World until a solution is Established, Implemented and Sufficiently for a Dignified and Worthwhile Life.


Understand, at this stage, we do not have a specific Solutions for each specific Problems but what we do have is Principles - That which is best for all lives, Investigate all things and Keep that which is good and Give as You would like to Receive. Within theses Principles, we make sure that everyone are being considerate and taken cared for because that is what we would have like others to do for us.


Thus, Research and Investigation must be done and Solutions with the Utmost Potential outcomes must and will be Established and implemented in an Equal Money Capitalism.


The Rewards:


At an Individual Level, the Lives of those who Live around the Aral Sea will finally Restored to it's original form of Prosperity, Harmony and Joy. In this, when Life is no longer Defined by Survival, the people would be able to expand, explore and discover themselves in a way that would benefit themselves and us all.


On a Global level, this would be one step forwards to the Return of Harmony, Balance and Equilibrium on Earth which would result with Far more Balanced climate as it now where we experienced the consequences of Human Intervention with Extreme weather changes all around the world.










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