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Health Crisis due to Human Environmental intervention will END in an Equal Money Capitalism - Day 281




Continuing to Investigate, Explore, Research and Discover the Problem, Solutions and Rewards.

A reminder is that despite of me walking specific examples that had occur and still lived in Uzbekistan, we are dealing with Patterns that manifests in some way or another in other parts of the world.


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Within this blog, we will have a look at the Problems, Solutions and Rewards in relation to the Health Crisis that developed in Uzbekistan, once what used to be prosperity land, came to be one of the most concerning issue we must address immediately when the Value of World Consumerism override the Value of Life.


The Problem:


For further Context and thus Understanding, I suggest Reading:

the EJF 'White Gold' Report' (PDF)

The Aral Sea environmental health crisis (PDF)

Health and Ecological Consequences of the Aral Sea Crisis (PDF)

Uzbekistan - World Health Organization (PDF)

The Aral Sea Crisis - Environmental Impacts


The Poverty that manifested due to total diminishment of the Fisherman business that used to be 50% of Uzbekistan source of income and the Citizens exposure to toxic chemicals, has had a severe effect on the

well-being of the population. That, along with the increased level of Salinity, made sure that the Uzbek Citizens are in one of the most disturbing consequences of 'Wrongly' human intervention for the sake of Greed and Power.


Here are some Facts I took out from the ELJ Report but you can be certain that I did my research and cross referenced the Data that I'm about to show here:


1. The Karakalpaks (the People from the area of the Uzbekistan Aral Sea) are exposed to the 43 million tonnes of salt and pesticide laden dust created by the drying of the Aral. In some parts of the region up to 50%

of all reported deaths are respiratory in nature. (P.3) Data from 2001 show an increased incidence of obstructive lung disease and bronchial asthma in the Aral Sea area (P.31) (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Environmental Performance Review of Uzbekistan. Geneva: UN Economic Commission for Europe (2001)

12 years later, and still no solution and the problems are increasing.


image2. According to study funded by the NATO Science Program, One in every 20 children is born with an abnormality, and the rate of genetic (DNA) mutation amongst Karakalpaks is 3.5 times more than the normal rate. (P.5)

Increased accumulation genetic error due to exposure to pesticide residue could well explain the region’s abnormally high cancer rates. In particular, residents of Karakalpakstan suffer from the world’s highest rate of cancer of the oesophagus. (P.31)


3. Unable to grow vegetables in the salinated soil, and too poor to buy food from the bazaars, the population suffer from malnutrition. Almost all Karakalpaks suffer from anaemia: 87% of teenagers, 91% of non-pregnant

women, and 99% of pregnant women. Most of these women suffer complications during pregnancy and delivery including haemorrhages. Untreated anaemia in pregnancy and young children poses a high risk for weak immune systems and a risk of brain damage (P.30)


4. Karakalpakstan is also gripped by tuberculosis. The disease, common amongst the world’s poor, is present in epidemic proportions. Data for2002 show that the notified incidence for new infections of pulmonary tuberculosis in Karakalpakstan was 89 per 100,000. In areas closer to the sea infection rates were higher. These statistics place the region amongst the most tuberculosis infected regions of the former Soviet Union(P.30)


5. Pesticides, herbicides and defoliants applied on the cotton farms throughout Uzbekistan are carried by the Amu Darya to the Aral Sea basin where they enter the food chain. A 2001 study conducted by Médecins Sans Frontières and the 'WHO' found significant levels of persistent organochlorines (including PCBs, dioxins and DDT) in samples of beef, fish, eggs, milk, potato and rice.

Further studies have detected pesticide residues in samples of treated water and breast milk. These findings correlate with a marked rise in the incidence of immunological disorders, kidney disease, and allergy, liver pathologies and reproductive pathologies amongst Karakalpak populations (P.31)


The Solution:


Obviously, Reconstitution of the Area must be the First step we must focus on and within that, to find a solutions that would restore the Equilibrium, Balance and Harmony in the Aral Sea Area.

Poverty and the Consequences that come with Poverty should not be allowed in a world of plenty. What needs to be done beside the Reconstitution of Nature, is to develop and maintain an effective Distribution system that would allow ALL equal access to the world's Resources.

Here, I suggest reading through the blog: Day 175: The Economic Problem and Equal Money Capitalism


One of the main Equal Money System Goals is Logistics

"In the Equal Money System, the Banking System Infrastructure will become the Logistical System that manages and Allocates resources and goods to Each Individual in the World on an Equal Basis. And your bank card will become your Life Card, which you will swipe every time you Draw Goods and Services from the Global Life Support System. The Logistical System will make sure that each person receives their just dues and at the same time will prevent abuse and exploitation. Each person will have access to the Global System to review the current Status of Available Resources and to vote on effective distribution and allocation – and to place preference selections and make suggestions."



The Rewards:


At the individual Level - Dignified and Worthy Life for ALL and specifically for those who suffers from our lack of responsibility as we have blindly accepted and allowed the current condition to not only manifest but to also continue as it does.

One must understand that with effective management/Logistical system Every Human in this world will taken cared for. In that, Health Crisis will End and we will no longer have to carry the Sins of the Fathers that is currently passing on Generation after Generation on the DNA level.


On a Global Level - The End of ineffective Body Structure on a DNA level will cease to exists eventually which would result with the enhancement of Humanity as a whole.


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