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A girl is dying from being overweight -Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Review - Day 386

clip_image001This is a continuation to the blog Series review about Jamie Oliver's TV series - Food Revolution.

Thus, if you haven't already, I suggest watching Jamie Oliver's TV series - Food Revolution and read through the blog series where the question: Who is Responsible for our Children's Education? is asked.



Brittany Stevens, a 16 years old girl who is overweight, was told by her doctor that her body can sustain itself for no more than 6-7 years and unless she lose weight, she will die.

Without having any support system in place, Brittany was at a point of giving up and in a way, accepted her up coming death before Jamie came into her life and gave her the tools and the support she require to be able to support herself.


Here is one example out of millions examples wherein children have no support and no skills to actually live in a way that is best for them; and as the consequences are severe, children are physically threaten as a result of a dysfunctional system.


What I have found is that we are busy judging fat people and having so many justification for these judgements inside our minds. Like having a back chat in the nature of: "what, are they not aware of themselves?" or: "I don't understand them, how could they possibly take themselves to this point". And yes, you do not understand; you do not understand the time line that had led them to develop these inner demons that eventually manifested as a point of extreme overweight and on that note, you do not even understand yourself, none of us does. We have no idea how our mind works, where our thoughts are coming from, why our thoughts even exists, why we like or dislike specific things, why our body shaped in this specific way, what are the processes that involve within the physical body and what all of that have to do with the mind. we really do not have a clue and yet, what we do best is judge that which we do not understand and within that, "forget" the most important thing - investigate all things and keep that which is best for all. If we have done so, we would start making an effort to understand and realize all the relationships that involved within each thought that we have, we would also find solutions to prevent predictable problems.


Brittany had to courage to expose herself and stand as an example of the consequences of our dysfunctional system and while many of us found ourselves in tears when hearing Brittany's story, none of us was actually standing up and looking at ways to prevent the problem from continue manifesting around the world in general and the US in particular; all of us remained in our comfort zone, judging or blaming or criticising but in no way making a physical stand and do something that is substantial, supportive and applicable for all.


SO - the solution is to apply the basic principle of establishing a stable foundation from which human rights can be implemented world wide. We have structured such system and we named it - 'Equal Money System' that would enable each being in this world to have a dignified and worthy life. That would obviously include all the support structure that would ensure these goals.

Will we step out of our comfort zone and make a change in this one life that we have or whether we let random events to be the foundation from which predictable and preventable consequences occurs?


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