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The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 10) - Day 207

The Collective Corrective Process


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this world should be heaven for everyone copyWe are finally in the last part of this blog Series where we are now going to discuss the Collective Correction Process and the Desteni Message.


We can all agree that there is a problem in this world. We can all agree that something must be done to minimize as much as possible the abuse, the suffering, the Starvation, the poverty etc.

We all have certain experiences towards this reality - some of our experiences are positive, some our experiences are Negative however, none of our experiences has a direct influencing in bringing about a physical world that is best for all because, as I was showing previously, our experience towards a physical point won't change the physical point, the only thing that would change is our experience that we have associated/connected/defined, within and as ourselves with either a positive energetic charge or a negative energetic charge.


At Desteni, we had realized that unless we correct the problem from its origin/source/core, no substantial change is possible because, everything that could have possibly be done, by those who define themselves as good and positive people, was already done and no physical result that is best for all was never seen on earth and thus, the test of time proves that Fixing and Sorting out the manifested consequences, do not ensure that the very same consequences won't emerge again and the fact of the matter is - the living condition of the majority of this world is getting worsen.


Thus - The collective Correction Process start with the Individual Corrective Process as was explained in my previous blog: The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 9) - Day 206.

Why? Because, unless we understand the principle of self honesty wherein, we are directly and indirectly responsible for everything that exists and within that, unless we integrate the Principles:

- Give as you would like to receive

- Do unto another as you would like to be done unto you

- Investigate ALL things and keep that which is good for All.

Within and as ourselves, as our physical living expression of ourselves, there is no way we could even grasp what is the origin/source/core of the problem in this world, in its totality and entirety to be able to then thus, take responsibility as individuals, in walking towards a solution in practicality that is best for all.


Unfortunately, the individual corrective process cannot be walked by those with no free access to the internet or to a life style that would make it possible for them to invest the necessary time, to get to a level of self introspection that is the foundation of the individual corrective process.

nonetheless, the level of education within this current world system, is keeping the majority of this world limited by not having in place, an effective education system where all are educated in  the very least, in being able to read and write, which is the foundation of what one would require to be able to walk one's individual process of correction.


Therefore, we have presented a momentary solution - the Equal Money System to provide/give everyone on earth a life that we would like to receive ourselves, where at the very least - our basic needs are met.

A momentary solution meaning - the Equal Money System will not make a change in the Human Nature Level of responsibility and self honesty as our pre-programming is already so extensive and overriding common sense as we could have seen, for ourselves, through walking this step by step blog series, the extent to which our 'free choice' is not in fact free due to our blinded accepted and allowed programming within and as ourselves. Thus, for a moment, we would first create a platform for the Individual corrective Process through bring this world to a level of Equality that would ensure dignified Life of each and every living being on earth, regardless their willingness to assist and support themselves within and as the Individual Process. We are aware that the individual Corrective process can not be force on anyone as it is an individual decision each must take for themselves because after all - is it about ONE'S self Honesty.

 Give llife to live life

The Principle of the Equal Money System is the Collective Correction Process wherein, we locate the Problem, get to its core/source/origin and correct the very foundation of the problem. for instance, Money is the Value we have currently define Life within and as. I mean, If one doesn't have money, one would die as one is not capable to assist and support one's physical human body with the basic requirements such as Food, Water, Health care, housing, and clothes. (Please listen to the song: I finally Understand) Thus, when we change the Value of Money to a value of Life that is best for all where all are equally having access to the world's resources, all have equal access to the basic necessities to sustain a dignified and worthy Life, we remove the consequences of Starvation, poverty, diseases etc.

If you trace each and every point in this world that manifest problematic consequences, we find that Money, in some way or another is involved and thus, when Money is Equal to Life that is best for all and no longer utilized for the sake of Competition, Survival, corruption etc. we would see in no time, that the world is in one step towards a world that is best for all, practically.


Understand that the collective correction Process include everyone, and you as well. We cannot correct this world alone, we must stand up as a united group, strong and effective so that we can together, change this world from its very core, to a manifested consequences that are Best for all lives.


And again, remember, it has nothing to do with being positive or Negative - it is to dare to see the problems and fix its root to first stop the manifested consequences that are not in alignment to that which is best for all which from there, we decide together, how to create a world that is best where no more abuse would be allowed in any way whatsoever.


Thus, the correction Process -> when and as there is a problem, we investigate what is the source/root/core/origin of the problem and we work it out from there, step by step, point by point, in always making sure that the outcome would be that which is best for all and when it's not, we go back to locate the core/source/root/origin and walk the correction process again, until everything is aligned and the outcome is an outcome that we can all be satisfied with, within and as the principles of:

- Give as you would like to receive

- Do unto another as you would like to be done unto you

- Investigate ALL things and keep that which is good for All.


There is a lot to be done and our journey is extensive. When and as you join, the journey will be shorter. The shorter it is, the less pain and suffer for everyone but at the end - it is always you that decide.

Be the Key; get to know yourself, our world and will yourself to accordingly take responsibility and walk the correction process, individually and collectively.


Please thoroughly investigate Desteni, DiP Lite, DIP Pro, Equal Money System and EQAFE.

When or if points of resistance comes up from within you, Stop, Breathe, and read this blog series again, to remind yourself that the resistance is nothing but a program that you have created within and as yourself.

Support yourself, support the group of humanity and lets walk this, until we are done.


Thank you!


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