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The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 9) - Day 206

The Individual Corrective Process


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So - what is then, the Correction Process and the Desteni Message?

Here, we are going to have a look at the Individual Corrective Process and the Collective Corrective Process.


Some would say: 'But I don't understand what I need to correct within and as myself, I've done nothing wrong, I'm a good person, I always make sure that I stand in a position of assisting and supporting my friends and family, I'm also volunteering in Charity organization once a week and in general, I'm a positive person by definition - I don't see why I need to correct or change anything about me. I'm satisfied with who I am, I'm satisfied with my life, every one likes me so, Desteni is not for me'.


As was shown in my blogs - there is much to investigate within and as ourselves, regardless of how we defined ourselves (Positive or Negative People). When we dare ourselves to question who and what we have become, we start seeing the actuality of ourselves as nothing more and nothing less than an Organic Robot that is walking according to our pre-program life Design that we have accepted and allowed within and as ourselves, with no self awareness.


One would see for instance, that our positivity is most often related to a Negative experience that we try to avoid or suppress. For example, let's say we are in a relationship and haven't seen our partner for 2 weeks due to a business trip. When our partner comes back, our experience of happiness and excitement is so overwhelming that we cannot see that deep down, we are in a state of "Relief" because our Fear of Losing our partner didn't manifest in the physical reality. Remember, I'm not saying - if you are excited about your partner coming back from a business trip, it is wrong, you should be ashamed of yourself. No. What I'm showing is a dimension to consider within and as ourselves instead of simply accept our experiences as it is, with no Self Awareness of how and why we have created the momentary experience within and as ourselves and Who we are within this experience.


The Correction Process would be - For a moment Stop, take a breath and allow ourselves, in giving permission to ourselves, to get to know ourselves within a process of Writing as self introspection. The Process of writing is being walked within the journey to life blogs, as a daily commitment one had committed oneself to, in assisting and supporting self to get to know self: what activate our reactions, thoughts, behaviours, what triggers our modes, why are we changing personalities so quickly, depending on the people who are in our environment. Through a process of writing, one start removing the layers that veiled self from really know self which from there, one would walk a process of Self Forgiveness.


Self Forgiveness is not to redeem ourselves from our sins, it is not done within the desire that others will forgive us. It is done within the starting point of: 'Ok, I've seen what I have accepted and allowed within myself thus far. I understand that what I have accepted and allowed myself to participate with, do not support me or anyone else because I can clearly see the consequences and the outflows that emerge each time I accept and allow myself to participate within and as this point. Self Forgiveness is then thus, not a point of judgement, it's not a punishment, it's not about anything but taking Self Responsibility, within self Honesty and Correct the very core/source/origin point of ourselves, that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to separate ourselves from, with no self awareness and thus, making the decision to assist and support ourselves to stop following our pre-program life design path, and in that, slowly but surly, establishing within and as ourselves, our very own Self Movement, in every moment of every breath.


Self Forgiveness is an act of Self Honesty wherein one, would take responsibility for what one had accepted and allowed within and as oneself, in bringing all points, all relationships back to self, to see how Self had been the Primary participant/player/character and accordingly, take self responsibility within self honest decision to practically change. 


From here, we continue to the Corrective Preparation meaning - we write down our commitments in how we are going to assist and support ourselves to change, in real and physical space/time , when and as we see ourselves accessing the pattern/point/character/personality that we decided to Stop.

When the moment is here, it is time for the Real Physical correction.

For this, I will walk you through an example. Let's say that there is a person in my environment that activate irritation within and as myself. Through writing, I will assist and support myself with seeing, realizing and understanding why and how, this person is mirroring a point within and as me that I haven't sorted out within and as myself. As I've explained in my Previous blog - Self honesty means that one is taking responsibility for what one had accepted and allowed within and as oneself and within that principle, if I am reacting to another, it is not the other to blame, it is me that must investigate my own reactions, to assist and support myself in remaining in Breath, in every given moment. (For better understanding of the Mirroring System, I strongly suggest investing in Quantum Mind Self Awareness - STEP 22+23).


So, after I've investigated the point within and as myself, through writing, applying Self Forgiveness and writing down for myself my Commitments to change myself, I now come across this person and I can sense a slight movement within and as myself, of irritation. However now, I have already seen the construct, I've seen the outflows and the consequences if or when I accept and allow myself to follow my pre-program design of being irritated to an external stimulation.

Thus, I stand within and as myself, I breathe, I allow myself to let go of the energy in the nature of irritation, and from here, investigating within and as myself, if there is any point that I've missed, if there is any dimension that I haven't seen before and immediately correct my physical living application through either - standing in stability, as breath, within and as myself, as the directive principle, or going back to the drawing board in assisting and supporting myself to reveal/expose and thus correct another part of myself that I never seen before through Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective statements/commitments.


My guideline is very simply - I correct myself, from the very core/source/origin of how I've accepted and allowed myself to program myself as, so that I no longer walk as automated behavioural machine but rather, walk in any given moment, breath by breath, according to:

- Give as you would like to receive

- Do unto another as you would like to be done unto you

- Investigate ALL things and keep that which is good for All.

Because I see, realize and understand that unless I change myself, and correct my very beingness to stand in every breath according to that which is best for all, I cannot expect the world to change as I realized that I'm part of the relationship that are the very foundation of this world.


To assist and support yourself to further expand your Application, we invite you to the DIP Lite Free Online Course where you'll learn the Basic Desteni Tools of Self Perfection.


Within my next blog - I will walk you through the Collective correction Process.



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