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Do I have the right to judge myself? - Placing yourself in danger - Hiding and running away - Day 535

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This will be the last blog post in the series: "Do I have the right to judge myself" where we were looking at the potential consequences that may emerge with us accepting and allowing self-judgement to exists inside ourselves and how to transform the self-judgement to self-honesty in the sense of who you are, what you stand for and what you will and will not accept and allow in your reality.

In this blog thus, we will have a look at the relationship between self-judgement, self-honesty and the experience of wanting to run away? Why Self-honesty is the key to stop the experience of running away and how it will lead to worthwhile relationships with yourself and with your friends/partner/family.

As we previously discussed, sometimes the intensity of self-judgement will lead to the experience of wanting to run away from our environment. Mostly because we feel controlled by the environment and unable to express ourselves without the fear of being judged. Now, I do not need to tell you the risks involved in running away do I?

But this is not so much the consequences that I am referring to. The point that I do want to discuss in this blog post is why reaching your self-honesty can stop the experience of wanting to run away. It is actually a simple point to realize - unless you are clear about who you are and what you stand for, you will find yourself in situations of wanting to run away from one environment to another; always feeling controlled, misjudged and looked down at by your external environment. The moment you are clear and honest about who you are, what you want to create in this life, what you stand for and what you do not, self-judgement will not hold you prisoned in your own environment as you stand as a point of direction and creation no matter where you are and with whom you are.

See, it is never the environment we want to run away from - it is our mind that we want to run away from. Sure, the environment activates the mind programs that gives us the experience of wanting to run away but it is not that the environment puts a gun on our mind and force the mind to participate in these emotions and thought patterns - it was and will be us who give the authority for the mind to take control over our lives and dictate to us who we are.

As explained in the previous blogs, when we run away and "start over", we don't really start over - we are simply supressing the unresolved issues that we have with ourselves (self-judgement for different reasons) and these issues will surface at some stage in the new environment we are with - It will slowly build up and build up until we experience ourselves wanting to run away and start over again.

The solution is to reach a point of self-honesty as challenging as it may be. We'll have to take off the layers of self-judgement, morality, fears, cultural behaviour and so forth and replace it with your life principles that we stand by and as an expression of ourselves. This can take some time but sure is liberating when moving from self-judgement to self-honesty.

Why self-honesty is the key? When we are self-honest, self-judgement doesn't play a role. When self-judgement isn't playing a role, we are no longer projecting blame and judgment towards others, we no longer fear being judged, we no longer feel controlled by others and we no longer experience ourselves wanting to run away.

How to reach a point of self-honesty? For myself, it has been and still is a process. My support structure is the DIP pro course that I am participating with both as a trainee and as a buddy. I strongly recommend having a look and testing the course for yourself. Especially if building effective relationship with yourself and others is something you value.



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