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The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 3) - Day 200



Preprograming Explained


This is a continuation to:

The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 1) - Day 198

The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 2) - Day 199


Please read this the blog before reading the following blog to make sure you understand the context.



I remember, as a young child, my parents preference was that  I wouldn't be exposed to the 9 o'clock News playing on TV. They Preferred that by then, I would already be asleep and wouldn't have to face the 'Grown-ups' reality, news reports about War, Crime, Child abuse, a woman being Raped, a neighbour being Killed etc.

From their point of view, they believed they are protecting me from this world and what this world has to offer and wished they could postponed my encounter with the physical reality as much as possible, when I'm prepared to handle the ugly truth.


There were nights that I didn't fall asleep by the time the news was on and I could hear pieces of information and it is interesting because when I look at it now, through bringing these memories 'Here' - I can hear specific words  that were Extremely emphasized by the News broadcaster; Words like 'Murder', 'Arabs', 'War', 'Gun', 'Gaza'. And through these words, and how the broadcaster also used specific voice tonality when speaking these words, I literally Experienced Fear within and as myself which from there, every time I heard these words for instance, an experience of Fear emerged from within and as me, unconsciously; and this Memory of me as a child, overhearing the News, knowing that it is not for a child's ears and I'm lying in bed, shit as hell scared in bed, is activated as a picture in my mind that I carry till this day.


It is not surprising that as a grown-up, I tried as much as possible to avoid listening to the news and develop complete ignorance regarding History, Politics, Economy as well as world wide events.


If we have a look at the Time Line of Events that had formed my relationship to the News, we would be able to see how I've designed and shaped my life (or in other words - Pre-Programmed my life) based on accumulation of Memories as follows:


-> Parents do not allow me to watch the news

->-> I don't understand why I cannot stay up and be with my family when they watch the

->->-> When I asked 'Why', I've been told it is not a show for kids but only for grown ups.


-> One night, I couldn't fall asleep

->-> and I went to the living room to be caressed by my parents.

->->-> While walking towards them, I stopped in front of the TV screen

->->->-> because I saw explosion of something and there was grey cloudiness going up from
              the explosion trigger point, up to the sky.

->->->->->I never seen anything like that before

->->->-> the way the news broadcaster speak,

->->->->-> I could tell it was nothing good (Positive) and something bad happen

->->->->->-> So I asked my father what's going on

->->->->->->-> He said to me that I shouldn't watch this, it's grown-up stuff, not for kids.

->->->->->->->-> And he would really appreciate if I won't watch the news.

->->->-> The Experience within me was of so overwhelming and I felt Fear

->->->->-> Because I couldn't understanding what's going on

->->->->->-> and knew that what I was just exposed to was bad (not Positive).

->-> So I went back to my room but still, couldn't fall asleep

->->-> I could still hear some of it from my bedroom.

->->->-> and specifically I could hear Words that I associated with Negative Value

->->->->-> Meaning, the Broadcaster emphasized and used specific tonality when speaking
                  the words: 'Murder', 'Arabs', 'War', 'Gun', 'Gaza'.

->->->->->-> I experienced extensive FEAR within and as me

->->->->->->-> I feared that I might get exploded one day.


-> A few years after

->-> When my Younger sister was about the same age I was in the night I described above

->->-> I had a dream

->->->->  that Arab people are in my Sister's kindergarten

->->->->-> and they were shooting everyone that were there.

->->-> After School, I went to my Sister's Kindergarten to make sure she is alright

->->->-> and I would deliberately, from that day, went and checkout if my sister is fine before
              heading home.


-> As I grew up

->-> I developed the habit of not watching or reading the news.

->->-> Which result also with feeling inadequate when other people would speak about
            world events and politics.

->->->-> I couldn't commit myself to study the History that lead to our current world wide

->->->->-> because I didn’t want to watch or read the news

->->->->->-> I rather do something Fun instead (Justification)

->->->->->->-> and besides, there is nothing I can do to assist and support the world with

->->->->->->->-> I'll focus on that which will benefit me in MY future.


As you can see, the Above timelines show a few of the consequential outflows that had emerged through my perceptual reality, from the night I experienced Fear, for the first time, towards the PICTURE that I've seen on the TV Screen and the WORDS that were spoken by the broadcaster which resonated Negativity as Fear within and as me which then together with my perceptual reality, I created the Experience of FEAR within and as me as MEMORY, when ever I heard words like 'Murder', 'Arabs', 'War', 'Gun', 'Gaza'.

Meaning, my First encounter with the Experience of FEAR as an Experience towards listening/watching the News was part of my programming of how I would direct myself later in my life when specific Words activated the Memory that I carried within and as myself which instantaneously, I accessed the Experience of Fear.

In Other words - Through that Memory that I Stored within and as myself, of the Experience of Fear, when listening/Watching the News, I contributed to my Programming to always react in FEAR when and as I hear the words 'Murder', 'Arabs', 'War', 'Gun', 'Gaza' which manifested the unconscious resistance to watch/listen to the News, later in my life,  where I had believed that it is simply not my preference (as justified to myself within the timeline above) and in that, never realized that I had accepted and allowed myself to completely ignore and deny the News in getting to know what is really going on in this world, Investigate the details, the relationships, the functionality of this world, why it exists as it is, why people are suffering and so on. Because, I've Preprogramed myself to always react in FEAR when what I hear/read/Watch is in alignment to what I had defined as Negative.

It is only in a much much later stage where I started to ask these questions but that was through the assistance and support I had received in investigating the Desteni Message and within that, the Principle of 'Investigate ALL things and keep that which is good for All.


In the blog The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 1) - Day 198 I've shown how one create the ‘Experience’ as a positive or negative experience towards the Physical reality’ through the Value one had assigned to what one Perceive reality to be. Within this blog, we went one step further in understanding that the Value one assigns, meaning the positive value or the negative value that one assigns to experiences / memories, towards one’s perception of reality IS how one program’s oneself as the acceptances and allowances of how one perceives this reality to be.


The Desteni Message is Parallel to the Experience we have when watching the News for Instance, it is not oriented towards the fulfilment of one's Desire for a Positive Experience as it is not what we have Programmed ourselves to align ourselves with. I Mean, who doesn't have a Negative Experience towards listening to the News? Who like hearing the news about how much corruption and abuse and suffering exists in this world? Who Enjoy listening to it? No One.

Thus, I understand that When reading through the Desteni Material and the Journey to Life, that is being walked by the Desteni Members from all across the world, one may react in a Negative experience because, what is presented is NOT aligned with the Positive Experience we Seek to have, from the perspective of our preferences of what we would like to read, hear and watch. However, our Preference is our Pre-Programmed Design that we have created within and as ourselves, already at childhood, while having no clue of how we have actually created our preferences.


However, as I've mentioned in my Previous Blogs - the Desteni Message is neither Positive or Negative - it is about seeing directly reality as what it is, looking at the core/source/origin/Root of the Problems that we are currently experiencing as Humanity and accordingly, Move towards a correction that would result in a best for all outcome.


If one have a look, in self honesty, what we present is the actual, real truth of what is going on inside our minds as individual and what is going on in this world as a whole.

For Example:

The Heaven's Journey to Life describe in detail the Existential seeing of the reality beyond and within the Mind and the Physical.

The Earth's Journey to Life walk you through the Various designs/components of the Personalities/characters we have created within and as ourselves, in the most simplistic way that everyone can relate.

The Creation's Journey to Life will guide you, in a process of self education, towards seeing directly the Physical reality as it is, through exposing the Nitty Gritty of our individual and collective acceptance and allowances.

The Activist's journey to Life is a commentary perspective regarding the Daily world's events

The Economist's Journey to Life will guide you through the ins and outs of how our current Economic structure and what is really behinds the Scenes that most people are not aware of.

The Psychologist's Journey to Life specifically shows how One is able and capable in being one's own Psychologist when facing with one's reality and how to practically work with what is Here, in our day to day living application, to self perfection in applying self correction.


As you investigate these blogs, the Material Desteni is Providing, you'd noticed, that we are not just showing the problems, we are presenting a solution within a process of correction of all the points that individually and collectively had part in the creation of ourselves and this world as we know it today.


Will continue in my next blog.


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