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The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 2) - Day 199


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The Heart of Winning vs. The Heart of Living.


This is a continuation to:

The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 1) - Day 198

Please read this the blog before reading the following blog to make sure you understand the context.


In the Previous blog, we have seen that what ever our perception of reality - either Positive or Negative - it would not change the Physical reality and would not influence the Structure and the foundation of the Physical reality but only change our Experience that we have created within and as our mind as the perception we have towards reality within the Value that we have assigned to our experiences. 


Within this Blog, we will have a look at the difference between the Heart of Winning to the Heart of Living. Wherein, the Heart of Winning would represent the Positive thinker and attitude and the Heart of Living would represent the Desteni Message.


The Heart of Winning is when for example, one would walk one's life and would initially focus one's attention to one's immediate environment - One would care for one's family and Friends and even care for one's neighbours. Within one's heart - one's attitude is a Positive one or in other words, one would define oneself as a positive person who takes care of other people and not only focused on oneself.


When one is watching the news for instance, one would feel bad within oneself, when seeing the atrocities that exists in this world and even feel sorry for those who are in a lesser position in this world system. One would then thus, decides within and as oneself that once one have enough money, or when one is retired, one would commit oneself to make good in this world by helping here and there to the poor families, by donating money for charity or by volunteering in a shelter for abused children.


Within the 'Heart of the Winner' - one would Win one's life style through devoting one's life in labour for at least 50 years of one's life. One would Win in the world system from the perspective of oneself and one's family is safe and sound and could afford luxuries from time to time and only when one Win the Right to Life, through Money, one would then give some of what one have.


However, what one is NOT considering is, that life is too short! And there is no way, one could bring about any meaningful change in one's life and in the life of all, in the time period one have, till one's death.

Meaning - by the time one had accomplished and fulfilled oneself (winning), one would not have the sufficient space/time to actually move and direct oneself towards a change that is substantial and sufficient, in making sure that ALL are safe and sound, that all are taken cared for and all are equally provided with the basic necessities for a decent and worthy life.


Here, we can see again that despite of one's Positive Attitude, one would always focus on one's life and One's immediate environment lives and if there is any Extra left, one would give to others the time and money that one can give while the fact of the matter is - the Physical reality remain the same - the core/root/origin/source of the Problem wasn't corrected and changed.


The Heart of Living is a complete Different Scenario - it is to bring in practicality the Principle of Give as you would like to Receive as a Principle that one would walk for one's entire life and not only when one had already won the life one desired to have. The Heart of Living would then thus, is a commitment one is standing within and as, to do, what ever it takes in bringing about a world that is best for all, as a living expression of oneself, regardless the outcome, regardless of the chances, regardless of what everyone in one's society would have to say about it, regardless the attitude of others towards self and what self is standing for.

The Heart of Living is walking in seeing reality directly, seeing all the relationships that are involved in each and every Brick that is the foundation of this physical existence as a whole.


Desteni Represents the Heart of Living - seeing reality as what it is, as was explained in the previous blog - in being aware of all the relationships that form this physical reality and what ever is not aligned to the principle of what is best for all, must be corrected from the very foundation - as the core/origin/root/source.


The Heart of Living as a Principle - is NOT based on experience as either Positive or Negative - it is based on seeing reality directly and immediately take action, when and as the root/core/origin/source of the relationship that formed a part of this reality was misaligned with the principle of what is best for all.


Unfortunately, that in itself, would not change this world because, as I've explained in the previous blog, one's Living expression of oneself as one particle in this entire existence, won't change the foundation and the structure of the physical reality. I mean, even if I'm Here, fully aware of my own physical body and all the physical relationships that this physical reality consisting of and existing as, I would not be able, by myself, to change this world to a world that is best for all because we are already living in a manifested consequences that are far worse then what we can even imagine and to correct it - we all must come together and Correct the core/source/root/origin of the problem because one must understand - we are the Problem.


Will continue in the next blog.


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