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The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 4) - Day 201

This is a continuation to:

The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 1) - Day 198

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Please read this the blog before reading the following blog to make sure you understand the context.


Continuing with the Human Preprograming and within this blog, we will walk another dimension to understand further what is Preprograming/Programming and within that, I will clarify the Difference between Programming and Preprograming through utilizing example I walked yesterday and in that, seeing more directly why it is that one may react within a Negative Experiences when investigating the Desteni message. 


What we've seen yesterday through walking the Time Lines was how I created Fear as an Experience while listening/watching/reading the news as very young child and the consequential outflows that I manifested Like for example - my 'preference' in Not liking to hear/watch/read the news as a grown-up. In other words, we have seen how through one Memory as an Experience I PROGRAMMED myself as a child, to always react in Fear when and as I hear the words 'Murder', 'Arabs', 'War', 'Gun', 'Gaza', and how this ONE memory that I stored within and as myself had influenced my life within the decisions that I've made.

Thus, the Blog I wrote yesterday, shows how I accepted and allowed myself to create a program within and as myself, a program that will run in the background, and would have direct relationships to the Decisions that I would make throughout my life.

Meaning - the Decisions that I would make later in my life as a grown-up are based on my own Pre-Programing as a child. In other words - as a child, I created a program. As a grown up, I acted on the program that I've created within and as myself, in my childhood years.


So, lets go back to the following time line, and within that, we will focus on the Red part of the Time line:


-> Parents do not allow me to watch the news

->-> I don't understand why I cannot stay up and be with my family when they watch the

->->-> When I asked 'Why', I've been told it is not a show for kids but only for grown ups.


-> One night, I couldn't fall asleep

->-> and I went to the living room to be caressed by my parents.

->->-> While walking towards them, I stopped in front of the TV screen

->->->-> because I saw explosion of something and there was grey cloudiness going up from
               the explosion trigger point, up to the sky.

->->->->->I never seen anything like that before

->->->-> the way the news broadcaster speak,

->->->->-> I could tell it was nothing good (Positive) and something bad happen

->->->->->-> So I asked my father what's going on

->->->->->->-> He said to me that I shouldn't watch this, it's grown-up stuff, not for kids.

->->->->->->->-> And he would really appreciate if I won't watch the news.

->->->-> The Experience within me was of so overwhelming and I felt Fear

->->->->-> Because I couldn't understanding what's going on

->->->->->-> and knew that what I was just exposed to was bad (not Positive).

->-> So I went back to my room but still, couldn't fall asleep

->->-> I could still hear some of it from my bedroom.

->->->-> and specifically I could hear Words that I associated with Negative Value

->->->->-> Meaning, the Broadcaster emphasized and used specific tonality when speaking
                  the words: 'Murder', 'Arabs', 'War', 'Gun', 'Gaza'.

->->->->->-> I experienced extensive FEAR within and as me

->->->->->->-> I feared that I might get exploded one day.


Ok, so a point to consider in terms of how programming functions, here is an example of transferal of programming (Sins of the fathers) -

Let's say that in the moment that I've walked into the room where my family was watching the 9 o'clock news, where the Scene was of a place that was Bombed and what my parents experienced within that moment, in relation to what they saw on the TV was Fear.

What was in the room was a Behavioural resonance  of and as fear that I would then, pick up, imprint it into myself and live that 'program' as me, as part of my preprogram design; or in other words, I copied their program and made it my own programing. Preprograming from this context is - a program that I copied and instantaneously, accepted and allowed this program as myself and in that, created the program within and as myself, equal and one as me.


What I'm showing here, is an example of ONE unseen (to Self) construct that one has NOT investigated and checked within and as oneself. This construct shows how one can download or copy specific behavioural resonance design from those who have come before self, program it into and as self and live it out, believing that this is who one is, and that the experience one has is real.

What must be understood is that, there are multiple dimensions and layers that are involved with one's preprograming, from the perspective that one program consists of and exists as multiple constructs/relationships that were involved in the entire manifestation of one's Preprograming.


Now, if one had associated and attached specific values as positive or negative associations, within the constructs that self had programmed oneself with, to what the Desteni Material is revealing / unveiling and/or to the Specific words we are using, one is not able to Hear the actuality of the Desteni Message because one is already living out / trapped within one's Programmed designs, unable to see, unable to hear the Desteni message and on top of that one is not even aware of it.


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