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The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 5) - Day 202

Preferences and the Desteni Message:


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Please read the previous blogs before reading the following blog to make sure you understand the context.


So now that we understood that the reality that we SEE through our Mind is not the Real Physical reality but rather, our perception of reality according to our Experiences (Positive or Negative) which is based on how we have programmed ourselves to react to our external reality (either positive or Negative reaction), already in our childhood years, with no self awareness. Within this blog, we are going to have a look at 'Preferences' in relation to our Pre-programmed Design that we've accepted and allowed within and as ourselves.


So what is a 'Preference'? Preference is the choices one would make according to the 'possibilities' that one sees in one's world and one's reality which one would then, evaluate according to what would be the best choice to make that would result with the best outcome that would be best for self within one's own self interest and desires . This we can also see in the 'Sounding' of the word 'Preference' -> Pre-Reference; wherein one would firstly look at all the References that exists for self, those references represents the Choices/possibilities one have and accordingly make the decision that is best for self. 


When having a look at the time lines that I've shown in my previous blogs - my 'Preference' in not getting involved with the current matters of this world, by justifying my 'Preference' to not watch/read/hear the news as a grown-up because apparently, I simply don't like it, was to manifest the best outcome for ME which in this case would be, to avoid experiencing the FEAR that I've stored within and as me, as a past childhood MEMORY. In other words - My 'Preference' is in direct relationship to how I've programmed myself already in childhood and the 'Preference' represents the how I've justified and Lived out my Pre-programming. That in itself should raise the question - is a 'Preference' a free choice?


Thus,  a point to consider when reacting to the Desteni Message within the 'Justified' Opinion that the Desteni Message is not Positive but Negative - one should really consider one's Preference as the foundation of one's pre-programmed Life Design that one didn't consciously decided for oneself but rather lived out with no self awareness as one didn't take a moment in truly investigating one's Preferences and one's 'Free choice' within one's preference.


We will continue tomorrow, to further investigating what is a  'Free Choice' and whether or not 'Free Choice' really exists.


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