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Seeing the Evil Nature in Dreams - Day 229

This a continuation to:

From Evilness to Life - Day 226

The seclusion in Inclusion - Day 227


1075-dream-interpreter-life-reviewI had Quite a Vivid dream last night which was fascinating from the perspective that I had listen to the Life Review Interview - Dream Interpreter the day before, which was a great assistance and support in walking through the point that had opened up in the dream.


As was explained in the interview, Dreams are specific and represents one's Personalities Participation in one's day to day Living which Consciousness may imprint to the Dream Domain and through this, one could assist and support oneself to see what one require to further investigate within and as oneself and accordingly take responsibility and change from a Mind Personality to a Living Physical Expression of and as oneself.


In this Life Review, a man came through the Portal to share his life on Earth within his relationship to how he would interpret dreams and what he had Realized about himself and the Consequences of his actions on earth within his relationship to Dream interpretation after he had died and within that, how little did he actually understood about Dreams and their meanings.


It was suggested that one would look at one's reactions, behaviour, memories, past events, experiences etc. that came up in the dream because that will show the relationships that one haven't sorted out yet, within and as oneself.


So now that I'm working with the Evil Point within the last 3 days of writing, it was interesting that the Dream came up to show me another layer/dimension that I haven't looked at yet in self honesty, which I'm grateful for as I'm seeing within and as myself now that this unresolved point within me, is a key factor that is causing a friction and conflict within my relationship with another human being in my Physical Environment for more than 2 years now.


So - Within my relationship with this being, we had 2 past experiences wherein I perceived the being to betray me with getting involved with 2 males (in 2 separated occasions) that the being knew I was interested with. None one of these males where in alignment to where I was within my process and the chances of us actually getting to know each other and developing a stable and supportive relationship/agreement, were close to nothing, and yet, I still perceive the being to spite me and I started developing and growing resentment towards the being within and as myself, very slowly but surely.


I haven't face this point in writing till now but I see already that it is detrimental to face this point and correct myself because as long as I keep and hold onto this memory about this being, and the experience of being betrayed, I would not be able to stand in Equality with the being. What I've seen within and as myself was that, I would deliberately activate this memory of the experience of being betrayed in moments that I feel inferior within the relationship with the being and I would access this revenge that exists within me and would get the 'Power' to spite, and talk the being down through justifying to myself that I cannot trust them due to past event where they have hurt me.


In the Dream that I had, me and this being were in a camping park with lots of people around us, maybe watching a movie on a big screen or something and we saw a couple of friends of us, male and a female that were waving towards us to come over. The guy is someone that I knew in real life, a guy that I had a sex relationship a few years back. Our level of communication was abusive in nature where he would disrespect me in front of others and I would accept it because I had sex with him and I had to justify to myself that it is fine so that I would be able to continue having sex with him. In the dream, the being and I started walking towards the 2 friends and I've noticed that the being is planning to sit next to the guy and I felt a surge of jealousy, resentment and anger within me like: "what the fuck, why does she get to sit next to him, this is my guy". I can't remember which one of us set next to the guy but I remember I was talking to myself in calming myself down, reminding myself that this guy isn't someone that I even want to be with but I felt the competition in walking to them faster so that I could win and get what I wanted before the being could take the guy away from me again.


When I woke up and looked at the dream, investigating my reactions, the experience, the back chat, the thoughts, my expression, the way I behaved and so forth, it was clear that the past event of me feeling betrayed still affect my relationship with this being till this day, as there is a part of me that would not let it go and trust the relationship to stand when and as there is a male in the picture in particular but it also goes to the extent of which, I would not trust the being in other instances and would always keep a certain distance so that I wouldn't get hurt again.


It was fascinating because this part of me that wouldn't let go, the part that would keep the need to revenge to protect myself, is the Evil personality that I've been working within the last few days and here I go, having a dream that is so specific that shows a point within and as myself that I was not willing to face before.


I will continue walking this point with a process of Self Forgiveness and Practical corrective application however, for today, here is an example of how to work with dreams in a practical way, as was explained in much more specificity within the Life Review - Dream Interpreter.


For those who are working with dreams or have worked in the past, I suggest listening to this interview as it would give some insights and points to consider when and as one work with dreams.



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