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Birthing a new Life through the Eyes of a Horse - Day 228

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1072-birthing-a-new-life-through-the-eyes-of-a-horse-part-1Us human beings, Believe so Dearly that we are much more advance, Superior and intelligent than the Animal kingdom However, when listening to the Animal Life Reviews, one would NOT be able to deny and ignore the fact that it is quite to the contrary.


A horse is coming through the Portal for 2 hours interviews and shares insights about the Awareness, Consciousness and the Mind processes of the Animal Kingdom, within the context of How Animals had Evolved while Human Beings had Devolved in our relationship to Awareness, Consciousness and the mind.

But more specifically, the Horse focus on the Pregnancy and Birthing Processes of horses, from Conception till the moment of birth and their Level of Awareness in comparison to the level of Awareness of Humans in the utmost Specific Details that Science could never reached before.

The Pregnancy Process of the Horse, the Emerging of/as Life from the Physical is absolutely Fascinating Process that we, human being, should all learn and align ourselves with.


Unlike the Human beings, that are emerging as a mind into this world, the horses are emerging from/as/within the Physical. So from this perspective the horses are walking a Re-Birth Process of the Physical as the Physical while us Human Beings, incarnate as a Mind over and over again, in total separation from the Physical body and existence as a whole. Now, there is no doubt that us Humans are coming to this world with a mind that we utilize as a tool to create, later on, multiple personalities according to how we shape and design ourselves throughout time within the Environment, Culture, Religion and Family influences. While Horses for instance, are simply expressing themselves as who they are and do not create multiple personalities dependent on their environment, generational blood line and so forth.


Within this, a point to consider is our responsibility as Human Beings in bringing Life into this world which at the moment Life, is not something we are actually aware of as our awareness of Life as the Physical is very much limited as our awareness is mostly oriented to our Mind and not even to all the layers of our mind as for instance, all the points that we suppress within and as ourselves which play a role with unconscious decisions that we make in any given moment.


Now the Horse Female for example, would prepare her Body, before and during the pregnancy in making sure that her womb would be the Manifestation that would function as a chamber of Life meaning - the horse, that is standing as Equal to and One as their Physical structure, will assess and check the body structure alignments, in terms of the food, the organs, the cells, the chemical and the atoms that would function in the best supportive way to nurture the Life that is emerging from and within her Physical body. Not only that, the horse would also make sure that the external environment would function as a chamber of Life for the horse to birth into however, currently, within this world system of human's consequences, it is not possible for the horse in comparison to the equilibrium with how Nature was functioning before Earth was introduced with Human's consequences.


However, the Human beings, are in no way preparing the Chamber of Life for our children, internally and externally. Internally from the perspective that we are so far from standing in Equality and Oneness with every cell of our Human physical Body, we have no clue what would be the consequences of the food we eat and how it would affect the Child, we have no idea how the relationship between the Mind and the Body is created and what are the consequences of such separated relationships.


Also, the human being are in no way preparing the External Reality to be and become the Chamber of all LIFE on earth, as our world system is not a system that all children are being taken care for, considered and regarded. So, despite of us bringing children to a world of constant survival and fear, while wishing the best for our children, we would not do anything practical to manifest a world system that would be based on Principle of what would be best for all children of Earth.


For instance, when we introduced the Equal Money System, we have mostly faced resistance and friction from the majority of those that heard about it, which perpetuate the ignorance and separation that exists within and as our mind to the extent of which that even when a solution to create a chamber of Life and as Life on earth was introduced, people cannot hear and stand with because these people, have the money that would protect their children while the majority of the children of this world are in daily suffering and struggle.


So, there is much more to learn from the Animal Kingdom in how to prepare the body and Earth as the Chamber of Life instead of existing constantly within fear and Survival within the principle of the survival of the fittest as we currently, both Animal and humans existing as, due to Human's consequences.


I suggest to all Parents and Future Parents to listen to these interviews to get some perspective of what is possible and the Level of Awareness and Communication one could have with oneself and one's child as an Equal and One part of oneself, in Physical Equality and Oneness. 


For More interviews with the Animal Kingdom, Please visit EQAFE


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