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Intimacy in Practical Application - Part 1 - Day 154

This is a continuation to:

Developing Intimate sexual communication with Self - Day 151

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Marlen (3)I commit myself to assist and support myself in developing and establishing an effective communication with myself where, I slowly but surely walking out of my mind, allowing myself to become absolutely honest with myself and leaving no suppressed system behind and in this, I commit myself to effectively walk my Agreement Course to assist and support myself in establishing this commitment that I've set forth to myself as I see, realize and understand that the Agreement course is the stepping stone in establishing an effective relationship with self, which from that, one is able to establish an effective relationship with others.

Thus, when and as I face resistance to walk through my lessons and assignments, I stop, let go of this resistance as I see, realize and understand that the existence of the resistance is due to a fear of change and as I commit myself to change who I have become, I push through the resistance and walk myself through the lessons as the assignments and in that, giving myself the permission to change.


I commit myself to develop and establish an effective communication regarding sex and sexuality with myself. In this, to explore and investigate my human physical body so that when sex is here, I will not accept and allow any form of self abuse that may harm my body.


In this, I commit myself to accept and allow myself to walk in alignment with my prospect partner regarding sex and sexuality and within this, share, explore and investigate together the physical support required to our bodies because I see, realize and understand the extent of separation we have accepted and allowed from and as our human physical body and the consequences therefore wherein, within accepting and allowing walking in misalignment to/as our human physical body, we accept and allow the abuse of the body that we have given to walk with in this one life time.


I commit myself to form, establish and develop communication with my prospect partner wherein, we would investigate together and commit within an agreement regarding to how we would walk this life, what we would accept and allow and what we would not, how are we going to assist and support ourselves within our processes and how we would utilize the physical support within and as sex. I see realize and understand that without having a stable foundation to an agreement, abuse, sabotage and compromise will be allowed which is a point I will not tolerate, accept and allow to exists within me and my world.


Group workI commit myself to Stop my reactions towards people in my world as I see, realize and understand that having reaction indicate a point within myself that is not aligned and must be looked at, investigated and sorted out. In this, I commit myself to take the responsibility, when and as I see myself accessing these reactions, to Stop, Breathe and bring myself back here and to in this, stop my participation in my mind, to change my living application that I've allowed to manifest in that moment and to immediately change myself, here, without any form of excuse like: "oh, I will write it down later, I will look at this point later, I can't do it write now", as I see, realize and understand that any form of excuses to not change myself in a quantum time moment is accepting and allowing my own opinions to enslave and control me and in that, sabotage myself and my relationships with others. I realize that all it takes is a self honest decision to STOP, Transform and Change and it is ME who Decide to either remain enslaved or to change.


I commit myself to write down my expectations from my prospect partner to see how can I align/transform/change my expectation to what is here as best for all principle within what I would accept and allow and what I would not from myself as well as my partner and in doing so, to investigate in self honesty my opinions, beliefs, ideas and essentially my starting point within these expectation and to make sure there is no previous pattern and/or fears that is guiding and leading these expectation with no common sense foundation in alignment to/as what is best for all. In this, I commit myself to communicate with my partner and establishing the basic foundation for our agreement.


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