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Intimacy in Practical Application - Part 2 - Day 155

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13I commit myself to SHOW why and how we have never developed and established an effective communication with ourselves as well as each other as we have always been separated ourselves from ourselves and existence as a whole through continually and consistently Fearing each others and what we would discover about ourselves when and as we give ourselves the permission to really get to know ourselves as our mind because we know that once our communication with ourselves would be in place, we would force ourselves to change as we discover our self dishonesties and could no longer live with ourselves; and we know that for one to change, one must give up that which one had defined oneself as which we believe to be hard/tough and unrewarded as we no longer be motivated and encouraged by our society bur rather, each step, each moment, each breath would be our own self movement, our own self will, our own self responsibility in self honesty which is by itself - the hardest thing one can ever transform oneself into - Self honest living human being that direct and move oneself and one's world according to that which is best for all and therefor, we have decided to suppress our communication with ourselves so that we won't ever get to this point of becoming responsible for our own self creation. The question would now be - will we dare to change despite what we have defined ourselves as, despite our fear to change? Would we dare to develop and establish an effective communication with all the parts of ourselves? Would we dare to LIVE as a physical expression as LIFE that is best for all?


I commit myself to SHOW that within this current world system, no one is in fact teaching, educating and showing how one can stand in absolute self honest expression within oneself and in this, having communication with oneself and therefor each other that is based on a support structure that would create and manifest a world that is best for all.


I commit myself to SHOW that an effective communication with each other must start with developing an effective communication with oneself so that self can first get to know self and all its parts and accordingly, align self to that which is best for all through which one would stand as an example and show to others how to stand, walk, direct and move self into having a direct communication with oneself that is based on self honesty living consideration for all that is here in oneness and equality and so - we would create a world that is based on Equality through utilizing communication to investigate and explore our natural physical requirement as well as our relationship between our mind and the physical to sustain a fulfilment life, a life that consider everything and everyone and a life where we respect and support our neighbours as ourselves, equal and one.


I commit myself to SHOW that parents has no clue in how to support their children to be and become an effective human beings in this world and through being ineffective parent, the parents are directly responsible for this mass that is manifested in this world as they have not communicated with themselves, investigating how and why they have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become a self interest creature that sucks the Life from EARTH in maintaining their own desire for an experience with no consideration at all for others but themselves. And thus, through parents not taking the responsibility to establish an effective communication with themselves, they create their children in a separated cocoon where the child would become the parent and teach their children the same as their parents had taught them and so - we create a world where abuse and suffering is only getting worst as the generations are becoming more and more stuck within their mind = allowing others to experience that which they would never accept and allow themselves to experience and the cycle of abuse continues and the suffering is growing until it would be too late.. And what then? Isn't it better if we stop manifesting consequences which we cannot correct? Isn't it better to develop an intimate communication with oneself, getting to know self and self's relationship to the mind and in this, assist and support oneself to transform oneself to a living physical human  being that consider everything and everyone in Oneness and Equality? I'm one vote for self honesty self communication- visit the Desteni I Process website and start today your process of self transformation.


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