Aug 31, 2012 | By: A Woman

Who will take the blame - Day 140



For context, please read Day 139: The Rapture and True Activism


the only one who Direct the destiny of this world is you copyToday I had a conversation with relatively, very rich people. They were asking me what am I doing on the Farm, what is our agenda, how are we going to pull it through and so on.

The interesting point was that no matter what I've said, they would come up with excuses and justification for why it wouldn't work, why I should focus on charities and medical aid in small villages in Africa and why am I wasting my time while I could do something else.


The point where I stopped the communication was when I've noticed that they are trying and attempting to find blame/fault in others for why they wouldn't change and stand up if others won't change and stand up because if they would change and stand up and others won't, others would use and abuse them according to their eye's view.


So who will take the Blame? Who will see and realize it is those who can hear the message that must stand up, regardless of whether or not others would change? Who would take the blame and bring it back to self and become a living example in this world? Who would allow oneself to see what self has accepted and allowed in this world and accordingly, walk the path into correction, internally and externally?


It is all about rewards and what we will not do because others won't do. Unconditional walking was never part of our living application. Why is it that 'what is best for all' is not part of the education? Why is it that all we ever taught was to take care of our assess while always finding something to blame for our experiences and the experiences of others?


In my next blogs, I will walk the Self Forgiveness application in relation to my reactions towards in my environment who would disagree and dismiss the EMS and Desteni and within that, turn the point back to myself. Because what is clear is that if I were stable within and as myself, I wouldn't react in my communication and was able to direct the point regardless of the others' words and deeds. I suggest also reading - Equal Money System? No… It's not going to work  - Day 60




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