Jul 30, 2012 | By: A Woman

Singing Expression - Self Commitments - Day 108

This is a continuation to:

199533_176495302401186_175698322480884_472694_5710331_nI commit myself to SHOW that one of the dimension of suppressed Expression character within and singing, is the creation of the Shyness character which one have created through the acceptance and allowances of Past Memory Experience that one has stored in one's mind.

I commit myself to SHOW how we store picture inside our mind and how through those pictures, we make the decision of who we are in any given moment as automated compute characters without seeing, realizing and understanding that within that atomization of ourselves, we are not really Living within and as the physical reality but rather, living within an illusionary reality where we allow abuse and suffering of ourselves and each other as a protection mechanism that is based on self interest desire for an experience as energy. In this, I commit myself to SLOW myself down to be able to identify the pictures that I've stored in my mind as I see, realize and understand now the consequences of my permission to create myself as a picture in my mind and how through those pictures, I'm diminishing and suppressing who I am as a physical living being. And accordingly, when and as I see a picture in my mind, I identify the picture, investigate the origin of the picture and through a process of self forgiveness, I delete the picture and stand HERE, Breathing

I commit myself to When and As I see myself participating in comparison, to STOP, BREATHE and no accept and allow myself to follow the comparison thoughts as I see, realize and understand exactly where the thoughts will lead me - towards a stupidity cycle where I will utilize the comparison thoughts, to become jealous at others, to judge myself and through the negative energetic charge, attempt to raise my energetic vibration through becoming spiteful towards others in my mind, to elevate myself and as I'm now in the positive energetic charge, the diminishment character will step in and take me back to the negative charge. And so, as I see clearly the energetic cycle that can only exists when and as I allow comparison to be my directive principle, I STOP, and no more accept this shit as me. Till here no further.

I commit myself to stop jealousy towards anything and anyone within and as myself because I see, realize and understand that those whom I jealous at, have walked a process of perfecting their skills and accordingly, standing as an example that anything is possible if one will dare oneself to invest the time in oneself, to practice, educate and improve oneself within and as this space/time reality.

I commit myself to SHOW that when and as we accept and allow ourselves to suppress our expression as who we are, we are in fact sabotaging our human physical body because when we are busy with suppressing who we are, when we are busy walking as characters, there are changes and movement within and as the  physical, movement that create pressure on the physical organs, which we take for granted as if it is normal because we have slow ourselves down to see the consequences that we are accepting and allowing within and as our human physical body.

I commit myself to stop placing Value in what others think or say about me because I see, realize and understand now how the mind works and functions a character upon character creations that one is creating to maintain and sustain one's own desire for an experience and thus, I give myself the permission to express myself as who I am, in any given moment; I give myself the permission to direct and move myself according to what is here, what is practically and physically available in this physical reality; walking according to what will be the utmost effective support for myself and others within the Equality Equation.

I commit myself to SING as me as self expression and to stop my own self judgement based on comparison, and values that I've placed in separation of myself. I commit myself to stop the Shyness Character when and as I sing and thus, I move through the character, I let go of the my own judgement, I let go of the fear of how others will see/think of me. I give myself the permission to STAND as who I am, as self expression and ENJOY myself.


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