Jul 31, 2012 | By: A Woman

Fear of being Crucified - Day 109


694-the-crucifixion-of-jesus-part-3Recently I was seeing more and more within and as myself the fear of being crucified, literally, for standing up for a world that is best for all.  Throughout History, those who stood up in the intent to make a real and substantial change in this world, were murder and/or Crucified; and as I was looking deeper at what will it takes, what will I have to do and what will I have to give up within my Journey to bring about a world that is best for all, I started seeing the extent of my Journey as well as the Journeys of those who are walking with me - The Destonians; and with that, the fear emerge slowly but surely into my Conscious mind.


17 years ago, the Israeli Prime minister, Rabin, was murder in a Peace Convention. It was a few moments after he step down from the stage, singing the Peace Song, that he got Shot by a Religion Fanatic.


49 years ago, the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was assassinated due to his steps to stop the cycles of abuse caused by the Elite of this world.


2012 Years ago, Jesus was crucified for standing up by the Principle of Give as you'd like to Receive and Love your Neighbour as yourself.


When I was doing a Google search today, I was very much surprise on the amount of world leaders that were assassinated/murdered/killed for the cause of what they have stood within and as. Will one of us will be the next one?


Why is it, that when and as a group of people presents a solution for this world, all the forces are in the process of assassinating the principle of that which is best for all? I mean, look at the Desteni's Haters that represents the Evil that drives us as humanity to never allow any change that is in fact, best for ALL. Look at those who are against the Equal Money System, not willing and daring to look after anything and anyone other than themselves. And here we are, The Destonians, the Group that will lead the way for a practical and physical change that the minority won't necessarily likes because it will place them in a position of Equals instead of where they are now, in a position of power and control over the majority that is suffering on the Elite's expense.


In this, yes, I'll be frank, there is fear within and as me, a fear that I've programmed myself to exists within and as, a fear that each and everyone of us unconsciously possessed, the fear that keeps us immobilized to in fact change who and what we have become to eventually change who and what this world have become.


In the Blogs to come, I will walk the Self Forgiveness Process within the starting point of releasing the preprogramed fear that control, enslave and direct me so that I will take the next step, in absolute self trust, of Standing, no matter what, even if it means that I will have to die for that which I stand for and as. Because, What was already been established - I am the one who decide and I decide - TO STAND FOR ETERNITY FOR THAT WHICH IS BEST FOR ALL.


If we won't break down the fear, nothing is worthwhile. Fear is control and Control is not who I am.

So - time to embrace some courage and walk, without ever looking back and do, what ever is necessarily to be done, until it is done.


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Awesome Maya!

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Very cool, Maya, thanks for sharing

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