Jul 10, 2012 | By: A Woman

Humans are so fucked up - you cannot trust anyone - Day 88

Human Nature 3From time to time, I hear the statement - "yes, it is fucked up, it's human nature, there is nothing we can do about it. We simply cannot trust anyone, there are people that will stab a knife in your back the moment you turn around, there will be those who will rape the neighbours daughter, there will be those who will murder the prime minister, there will be those…" and the list goes on and on and on.

However, what is fascinating is that within that statement or various types of statement within and as the nature of the statement above, one has already given up on humanity. One has already given up on the possibility to change human nature and simply accepted within and as oneself and allowed within and as this world, the fact that the human nature is so fucked up and there is nothing we can do about it.
But is it in fact so? Is it the human nature that cannot be changed or is it me that will not dare myself to change? I will vote for the second option as I've seen within and as myself the extent of self will that one must become for one to absolutely change one's preprogram design / the human nature.
Ok, so yes, we cannot trust anyone in this world but that is not because of who they are - it is because who we are within and as our own human nature/preprograming. Why?

Let's do an exercise - imagine a person you dislike. What are the thought you have about him/her? What is the nature of the thoughts you accept and allow within and as your mind? Can you see it? Not so pretty hay?
but now you will tell me - well, I don't like this person because of this and that and you will justify why it's ok that you have accepted and allowed those thoughts towards this person because I mean, that’s what everyone does when they don't like someone, nothing wrong with me disliking someone, so stop with your stupid questions.

Let's continue with our journey into the mind and now - imagine your best best best best friend in this world. Ohhh, that's nicer, it feels good now within and as yourself. I understand. BUT, your very best friend has now disagreed with you and a friction manifested; You'll have to become self honest now, to be able to answer the following question: What is the nature of your thoughts towards your best best friend now? What memories from the past did you bring to this moment of friction that have been suppressed until this very moment of friction till you burst all out and took all the shit out.

So you see, I wouldn't trust you as my best friend exactly as I wouldn't trust you if you were my biggest enemy so long as I know what's going on in your secret mind; and the only reason I know what’s going on in your secret mind is because I'm exactly the same as you, within and as the human nature that I've accepted and allowed myself to be and become. Meaning, as long as we THINK, we cannot be trusted and the only way we can be trusted by ourselves and others is when and as we stop thinking.
When we say that the human nature cannot be changed, it is ONLY because we don't want to change within and as ourselves, simply because we have never known ourselves otherwise. We believe that we will become zombies if we stop the mind but we never actually decided to test the point for ourselves to see if there is any ground to our belief. I mean, if it comes to the point that you would become zombie when the mind stop and you stop thinking than, go ahead and start thinking again. It is very simplistic.

The only way to make a change in this world, is to first stop our own evil secret mind that continuously think 24/7 non stop. We judge others, we judge even ourselves; we are jealous of others; we compete with everything and everyone for our own limitation; we're spiteful towards each other; would you want to be in relationship with yourself when you SEE very clearly what's going on in your secret mind towards those who are in relationship with you? would you want to be in relationship with others when you KNOW what is the nature of the thoughts they have towards you in a moment of friction? NO! and yet, we accept and allow it.

To be continued with a practical support within and as Self Forgiveness statements and Corrective Commitment - the tools of Stopping the mind and becoming LIFE that is trustworthy.


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