Mar 25, 2013 | By: A Woman

Who is Responsible for our Children's Education - Day 332



We send our children to school with great trust in the Effectiveness of the Education System; we let them leave the Home Environment, their Caring nests, and start their independent Life path. We Hope they will become an effective human beings, that they will succeed in Life and become something to be proud of.


So we innocently shift our Responsibility as Parents towards the Education System, towards the Teachers, the Principles and the Government that supposed to Moderate, Review and Enhance the Children; We see it as Natural part of the Child Development and we have never questioned the validity of our decision to send our children to school because it's Normal, everyone does that right?


We believe that School will prepare our Children for their Future but Does it really? Were we prepared for our future? Was our Education met with the Physical reality we faced after our graduation? Were we Prepared for the Daily struggle of Survival within this world system?


Then, what makes us Believe and Trust the Current Education System with our children? And if we cannot trust the Current Education System, Who or What can we trust?


First thing first: I will show you that you cannot trust the current education system within the next blog series to come because what I've realized for myself was that unless I can see clearly the problems, I won't be able to compute, comprehend and see the solution.


So stay here as we walk our Processes of Establishing a solution for the Future of our children.




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