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Is the Zoo an Educational Experience for Children - Day 333

Continuing with the Blog Series 'Who is Responsible for our Children's Education':


I used to love going to the Zoo with  my family as a child; we used to go on Saturdays, seeing these amazing and rare animals that I would normally read/see in my Children books. It was a fun and Educative experience. Or so I believed…


A few months ago, I took my Nephews to the Zoo when I visited them in Israel. I thought it would be a cool time to enjoy myself with the kids because my memories of the Zoo were quite Awesome. However, the moment I stepped into the Zoo, and I saw the animals locked up in such small places and/or cages, it hit me hard.

Obviously, I didn't look at these things as a child; I didn't have any reference for any other ways of living and existing and I accepted it exactly as it was. But now, as a grown up, I couldn't compute how we have accepted and allowed the lock up of these animals for our blissful Enjoyment; Enjoyment that we have justified for ourselves as Educational purposes to quiet out our inner conflict we try so hard to ignore.


Let's have a look at the Educational aspect of these entertainment parks, such as Zoo and within that, what would be installed and imprinted within the Child Mind and how that would influence the Child's life and the Decisions the Child would make in their Life. The best way I know how to do this is through traveling back in time to when I was a child, Experiencing myself in the Zoo, and bring the moment Here for self evaluation:

1. I couldn't grasp that a small area such as our National Zoo is in itself invalid in terms of the Limitation it places on the Animals ability to move, explore and experience themselves. As a child the Zoo area seemed like a huge place and it never crossed my mind that it is unnatural to place Animals in such a small space. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure that I were to ask this question, I would be given a manipulative answer that is not based on the Principle of 'that which is best for all Lives'.

2. Seeing Animals locked up in  cages while animating their Experience in my imagination based on my Children books - it made me believe that the Animals supposed to be locked up and it's ok because they are happy. I mean, they seem happy in my children book don't they?

3. Animals are Valued less than a human being because one wouldn't dare to lock up their child in a cage while it is very Normal when it comes to Animals and therefore, the conclusion must be that the Value of the Life of  animals is less than the Value of life of the human and as such, Humans are Superior to Animals.


These are just the immediate things that I could see when placing myself back in my 'younger' shoes. I'm sure there is much more to it on the Quantum mind, Unconscious Mind and Subconscious Mind.


Now another memory came up - I remember an event with a kid that I took care for, a few years back: he was watching a new DVD that he just received from his mother. In one of the Scenes, the Princess was locked inside a cage and in that moment, the Kid completely lost it and started screaming and yelling, asking to release the Princess from the Cage. Is it possible that Subconsciously, already at the age of 2 years, we are aware of the cruelty and the abuse involved in locking someone up in a cage, whether it is a princess or a tigress in a zoo?


So what are we teaching our Children in the relationship between humans and animals? We are perpetuating the separation between Human and animal, human domination over the animal kingdom, with no regard for the Life of the animal, for the Right to Life, within this physical existence. And so, continuing the cycle of human-animal abuse that come from an existential history of the relationship between man and animal. This existential history in the relationship between man and animal can be investigated in the History of the Animals on Earth, way before the written History, which is available on EQAFE within the Animal's Life Review Series. Thus, instead of showing/teaching/stimulating the minds of children to consider other ways/better ways of Co-existing/managing our relationship with animals, we perpetuate the Separation and leave them with no chance to actually stand in the shoes of another and in that case, the shoes of the Animals, to find solution within the Principle of Investigating all things and keep that which is best for all.


Here is also to note that there are Zoos that are treatment/health facilities that actually save and help the Animals that were caught up within our Existential Consequences. There are also facilities that assist and support animals that got hurt in nature and once the animal is ready and rehabilitated, the animal is being released to its Natural Environment. This are valid and honourable institutions/Facilities where children can  enhance themselves in terms of learning by Example, what does it mean to assist and support another and in that, Develop the understanding of what does it practically mean to Give as one would Like to Receive.


So, here is a point we can start looking at in terms of what we blindly teach our children and from here we could ask the question: why is it that we were never taught/shown by example why it is imperative to investigate all things and keep that which is best for all LIFE in a practical and physical manner. The Answer to this question will be introduce here, in blogs to come.










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