Mar 24, 2013 | By: A Woman

My Experience with being Bald - Day 331

Ann (4)When I read the blog Day 331: The Cancer Experiment I was looking at my Experiences with being bald within my natural environment and specifically the process I've walked in developing Stability when facing people who asked me the following questions: "How could you do that to yourself? You hair was so beautiful, have you gone crazy?" but now when I'm writing it out, what was even more fascinating was meeting people for the first time, whom did not have past reference of my hair  or how I looked like before I got Bald and their reactions to the my answer when they asked me: "Why did you shave your hair?" or "Why are you Bald?"


The Cancer Experiment was based on a Very Simple Point - we have an Organization around the World that Shaves for Cancer, and in so doing would Promote and Preserve the Pharmaceutical Companies that Profit immensely from the chemicals that they sell for ‘Life threatening diseases’ - making Money, Profiting from Death and getting the populous to Ensure that they can push up the prices by increasing donations through Shaving heads. A similar thing has happened around the Oil Spill with BP – again a Corporation, and where the ‘Goodwill of the People’ was Abused for the purposes of Profit. Interestingly enough: the people don’t Notice that this was the motivation behind their actions, as we have Demonstrated.

We have taken, for instance, Shaving your Head for a World that is Best for All Life - that means the Ultimate Solution for Everyone, which means that Every Cancer patient will get the Best Treatment and it will Cost them Nothing: Life is being Preserved.



The Fascinating thing was: while the Destonians who stood up and called for a world that is best for all through our Physical statement of shaving our Hair as an act to Perpetuate Equality, we were defined as a Cult, as a dangerous brainwashed Cult,  but when Celebrities shaves their hair for PR within the justification of 'I'm doing it to support Cancer' it is being embraced by the mass and is seen as a positive and good thing while if one would do proper research, one would see for oneself why Shaving one's hair to Support Cancer is in essence, supporting the Companies that profit from the existent of Cancer and thus sabotaging any real effort to cure cancer. For that, I suggest watching the documentary: Burzynski - Cancer Is Serious Business.


263199_1894560484488_1255853706_31763450_3129407_n1You know what was interesting within this experiment? I've seen how the uneducated people could relate and see the common sense within the Principle that I'm standing for and as and would even go and investigate the Equal Money System and Desteni while the 'Educated' people completely ignored my words and justified to themselves that it was a waste of time, that I must grow my hair back because Equality will never exists and they have done so WITHOUT testing and checking out the information for themselves.

Being Bald was a Bold Decision that I made and I'm happy that I've walked this point because it was that which allowed me to start creating and manifesting a certain level of stability and self trust within myself. It assisted me to see the extent of the problem in terms of the Brainwash we have all gone through, generation after generation to make us obey and submit to the system of Control. It made me realized that the process we are busy walking will not be as easy as I initially imagined it to be because I didn't take into consideration the extent of the Human Consciousness and the inherited Evil we have become.


If you haven't already, I suggest reading through my Previous blogs where I showed how in fact our Education system isn't about the development and the enhancement of the human kind but rather, is part of the Devolution process we are busy walking as humanity, to a point of no return, unless we start our process of enhancement within the commitment to investigate all things and keep that which is best for all.

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So - if you dare facing yourself and stand as a key for a world that is best for all, investigate the Free Online Course to develop the basic tools one is required for to start one's process of SELF realization and investigate the Equal Money System as the Encompassing solution for each and every Problem existing in this world due to our own ignorant nature that we have directly and indirectly created within ourselves and within this world.



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