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The Solution for Charity and Philanthropy in an Equal Money Capitalism - Day 301

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The Solutions:


Here are the Solutions that were Presented thus far - Extracted from the Economist's Journey to Life blog:


Unemployment / Full Employment

If unemployment exists - the government must step in to create jobs where possible - because employment is a basic human right.


Role of Governments

The government will still play a role to provide everyone with their basic human rights such as healthcare, education, housing, sanitation, roads, employment etc. So - the government will fund these points through taxes. The only tax that will exist are the value-added tax on products - this will be part of the labelling of products - where it'll show the percentage of the price that goes to tax and for what the tax will be used. There will be no need for an income tax to redistribute income in a fair way - because income will be distributed fairly from the get-go.




Taxation and Banks

VAT will be added to each product in a way to make sure there is enough within the common pool of money - which is the tax - to ensure all the basic rights can be provided. Also consider that with all military expenditure falling away - there will actually be quite a substantial amount of money available to governments with which to fund these projects.


Banks in an EMC will exist as financial intermediaries, gathering surpluses to cover deficits in other places. So - the banks will be in charge of providing extra funds to companies who are running a deficit. This point will always be temporary and the required funding will lessen as there is an intervention that takes place and action is taken to make the company more effective and able to compete.


When companies with deficits are identified - someone will be sent to intervene, because it might indicate that the company is not effective. Then the problem must be identified and they have to learn from those companies that are successful - so that all may become equally successful and effective within managing resources and distributing goods and services.




Debt Forgiveness

Those who may find themselves in a position of unemployment as the result of Complete Debt Forgiveness will either be integrated into other companies - or government will provide them with new jobs. Preferably, these types of outflows would have to be considered before implementation to ensure smooth transitioning from one system to the next – and would thus have to be calculated and planned prior to full implementation.

Pasted from <http://economistjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2013/01/day-169-equal-living-within-equal-money.html#.UR5_BWeLu00>


These are some of the General Solution the Equal Money Capitalism System has presented.

Please make sure to educate yourself by going through the documents of the Equal Money Capitalism

And within the next blog, I will show how the Principles of the EMC will Solve the Problems I had shared thus far, with regards to Charity and Philanthropy.


Note: The EMC is an entirely new project that was started a week ago. We’re at the moment in the phase where we are brainstorming by answering questions. It’s a messy process – but an effective one to get all the relevant points addressed. So – also note that points will evolve and change as we go as we are not setting things in stone, but on a journey towards designing the EMC. The principles upon which EMC is based are laid out in the previous blog-posts. From those principles, we work our way towards what life in EMC would practically be like and how the system will function from an economic perspective.




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