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Understanding Poverty and Charity is a Key for a Practical Solution - Day 302



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One of the Major Problems in the Concept of Charity and Philanthropy is the abdication of Responsibility. We believe that if monies are being directed towards specific entities (Health Care, Poverty, Education) than it means that the Problem is being taken cared for but what we haven't considered was investigating and getting to the core of the problem and correct the Problem from its Root instead of trying to fix the consequences of the problem with Charity and Philanthropy and within that, not seeing, realizing and understanding that unless we prevent the problem, the problem would persists to a point of no return.

The test of times clearly proved that Charity is not the ultimate solution because if it was, the problems were in a point of eradication instead of getting worsen.


Let's have a look at Poverty for instance -

The problem exists within a dis-functioning system that accepted and allowed the existent of Poverty as a normal way of Life because we haven't realized our interconnectedness as Equal Living Forces that must work together for the best for all outcome.

What has been promoted in this world is the Fear of Survival that is based on the assumption that Poverty must exists and if do not want to be part of that polarity, we must take care of ourselves and our families while disregarding anything and anyone else. We have unconsciously defined Money as the Right to Life because without Money, one cannot survive and exists in this world. This is why, every few seconds, beings are dying from starvation as they don't have access to the earth's resources that have been privatized through money and in that action, we denied those with no money, the right to access these Resources that make life on earth possible. What we haven't considered as well is that Life, shouldn't be about fighting for our survival, but rather an enjoyable experience for all.


We never questioned the existent of Poverty and generation after generation, accepted and allowed Poverty to exists as a status Queue. Here we are saying - Poverty must be eradicated and the Value of Life of every being on earth should be Valued Equally. We are saying that we all live in this ONE physical reality and therefor, all must have Equal right for a Life that is worthwhile.


The Equal Money System is really a simple solution that is based on the understanding that value of Life cannot be defined by Money unless we Equalize the Value of Money to stand in alignment to the Value of Life and thus, we may Use Money as a distribution tool to Organized and Structure the Foundations that would be the Platform of Life that is worthwhile for every single being in this world.


AnnaWithin the Equal Money System, Poverty and the Consequences of Poverty will cease to Exists. We will work together to build the foundations that are required to maintain and sustain each other lives. We will work together, as Equals within the principle of Prevention as the Best Cure. We have all the Resources we need to make sure that Life can be Lived by all and Survival is something that would only be written in our History books, to remind ourselves what Greed, Power, Control can result with.


We all want to make a change in this world and do good things for others so lets bring it into a practical application. All we need to do is to DECIDE that we are working together towards a solution that is best for all.

The How-To is not yet specific as it require extensive research, science and technology to make it happen. However, the direction is clear - the resource of this world cannot be privatized and must be utilized with the least harm to benefit the lives of us all. The Foundation of sustainable life must be structured all over the world which is doable, if we Decide to take our power back to ourselves, make the necessary alignments, expand our horizons in finding solutions and never give up until it is done.


Obviously, as we go along, the specificity of the solution would be presented through extensive research, calculations, measurements and considerations. The solutions will evolve and change as we go while nothing is set things in stone, but on a journey towards designing the a system that would Result with an Actual LIFE for all.


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