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The Hidden Agenda of the Corporate Philanthropy - Exposing Problems continued (Part 1) - Day 300

Photo: I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Leadership in the World-System is Characterized by the Inner-Characters of the Individual that is Perpetuated through Parenting and Charted into every Child Born, according to the Law of the Land and the System accepted by Individuals - causing the System of Inequality that is Pervasive in the World to be Seemingly Infinite as the same Patterns are Repeatedly Enforced through all means of Communication as: Education, as Acceptance, as Allowance – with no actual Compassion or Empathy existing, but the Characterized meanings of Compassion and Empathy that Serve a System where Capital is Ownership in ALL its Forms, while the REAL Capital - as Life - is Treated in a way that no one, Ever, would like to be Treated – yet, because the Character-Design of both the Inner-World of the Human, and the Outer-World of the Human, is Equal to the Self-Interest of the Power that is given through Ownership, all Feelings, in every way, end up being Only Supporting the Survival-Instinct of the Character - making the World a seeming Working-Order, as those that own Nothing have NO Power to Change Anything but through Violence, which is suppressed through the Employment of Characters that will do Anything to Survive: acting as Armed Forces, and Policing - justified through the Fact that they are able to Support their Families – causing a seeming Righteousness in their Actions as Apparently the Have-Nots are Breaking the Law of Property and Ownership. And thus, their Lives are Worth Nothing, and they must be Culled and Subdued, No Matter how many Die.<br /><br />http://creationsjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2012/07/day-83-character-charting-to-discover.html


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Problem No. 5.2

Corporate Philanthropy and Humanity Responsibility


Many would Say and Believe that the starting point of Corporate Philanthropy is to do "Good" in this world but when one study the History of Corporate Philanthropy and its Influences on the Political Movements and Government Policies all over the world, one would Question the above Starting Point if One Dare to look beyond the Box in the upper part of our Bodies - our Mind.


This blog is to Question the Concept of Corporate Philanthropy and within that, seeing the relationship between Corporate Philanthropy and Poverty.


We would assume that with the Billions of Dollars Corporate Philanthropy has spilled into the Economy cycle, this world would have been a better place; We would to expect that with Corporate Philanthropy, Poverty would decline; We would think that Corporate Philanthropy did 'Good' over the years however, when getting to the bottom of things, we would see that Corporate Philanthropy throughout the History, had only perpetuate the Problem from the starting point of Greed, Power and Control.


I found it fascinating how from Targeting the Political Decision Making, they recently moved to targeting the Individuals whom has the Potential of Standing up and be part of the change that is required in this world, by luring them into Educational scholarship and funding with Monies they would probably never make in this life time. The targets now are Activists, Artists and Journalists so that the truth would never been heard and could remain manipulated forever.


When watching the Century of the Self, it is quite clear how easy it is to Brainwash and influence the Individual thinker into believing that X=Y and that Y is 'Good' and worthwhile to pursue while the fact of the Matter is that Y is destructive, abusive and harmful.


To me it seems that the concept of Philanthropy was Brainwashed and imprinted into us as Something Positive within the words "Giving Back" without us realizing that what is Given  Back is maybe 1% of what was harmfully been taken. Within the Concept of Philanthropy, the Principle isn't 'Give as You would like to Receive but to the Contrary - Take what You wouldn't want to be taken from you, as the strongest wins.


So a simple consideration one should ponder about - if Corporate Charity/Philanthropy was so Positive, and so Unconditionally Giving - why is it that Poverty persists?


If one go back to my Previous blogs, one would see the various problems existent within this all idea of charity and philanthropy; One would see the forces that take part of the problem and if one now read the article Capitalism: A Ghost Story by Arundhati Roy, one would see in great detail the ins and the outs of the Philanthropy Scheme we all so very much cherish as it was promoted and advertised as "Good" and "Positive" and we unfortunately, ate the bait and thus, are part of the problem as we were the one who accepted and allowed ourselves to be manipulated by Positive words and Self interest Rewards.


It is quite astounding that with all the monies that goes into "Good Causes" no one sees that nothing had changed but in fact has gotten worsen. No one sees that with that monies, those in Power and Control maintain the status queue of Mastery and Slavery. No one sees that if that had any Profound Effect, this world would have already been a better world for all. With all the Power that Money Can buy, the only thing it didn't buy was the Recognition that Life should be Valued as the Highest Value Possible where all Lives are being Equally Considered and Cared for.


So Educate yourself, Investigate the History of Corporate Philanthropy and it Influences on today Economy and Modern age Slavery. Open your Eyes to the Ugly truth we had supported so ignorantly. Then, ask yourself why it is that we have never Question the system but blindly followed the system. Why it is that we trusted those in power positions to take care of the world and why haven't we made sure they do their job and thus, what is our collective responsibility and accountability within it all.


It is Important we read Capitalism: A Ghost Story by Arundhati Roy, again and again and again until we absolutely understand the extent of the problem and thus, prepare ourselves for the solution ahead.

However, bear in mind that the real problem isn't the Corporate Philanthropy nor the starting point of gaining Power and Control. The Problem is that WE have accepted and allowed things without investigating first all possible outcomes and with abdicating our responsibility to investigate all things and keep that which is best for all, we are standing accountable for each and every problem existing in this world.


From the next Blog onwards, I will show the SOLUTION to the problems I presented thus far so that we can understand what needs to be done, how it must be done and what would be our part in the implementation of the Solution. I will also present 'what is it for us' as the Rewards that we would benefit from, once the solution would be in place.


Additional Reading


Corporate Philanthropy: Strategic in Nature, Poor in Execution

"This study uses qualitative interviews to test whether or not large, multinational corporations have internalized the concept of linking corporate philanthropy to their business missions as discussed in the business literature of corporate philanthropy. It presents evidence that these corporations have linked their philanthropic efforts to their business goals and devote a majority of their charitable giving to these goals. It also presents evidence that these corporations do not execute these objectives in a manner that provides the maximum benefit such objectives can achieve"




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