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Unconditional Giving and Receiving or a Control System? (Part 2) - Day 270

This is a continuation to the Previous blog: Unconditional Giving and Receiving or a Control System? - Day 269

Where I wrote:


"...When looking at this point as a design, or the origin of the Design, as everything - all start at home where parents give their children gifts and expect in return the child to either be a good child, to do what was asked them to do, to be who they are expected to be which within that, the Child, as the Receiver feel obligated to Give something back to the parents. Often, the child doesn't really want to do or become what the parent wants them to do, be and become, but they do want to receive the gifts/rewards despite them knowing the Consequences it involves. Slowly but surely the demand from the parents makes the child feel slight anxiety and discomfort that would fade away and suppressed. And so, the Parents would control the child through a rewards system in a disguised of Unconditional Giving and if at any point the child rebel, the parents would always remind the child about the rewards the child had received and all the things the parents did for the child throughout time as a manipulation tactic to bring the Rebellion child back in track…"


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to believe that parents unconditionally give to their kids without understanding the Quantum Mechanics that involves with such Giving as a mean and a method to Control the children and zombified them into automated machines that would always follow the parents want, need and desire without ever investigating what it is that they would like to be, become and exists as, as an expression of themselves.


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to Believe that children owe their parents and thus must give something back when they receive a reward, benefit or a gift from the parents and within that, haven't realized that within that context, Giving a reward for 'Good behaviour' for instance, is how the parent would manipulate the Child to suppress, ignore and deny who the Child IS as an Expression of oneself and to instead, become the child/person the parent want the kid to be, according to the Parent value system, belief system and so forth.


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to feel obligated to do what my parents wanted me to do because they have been so loving and caring with the rewards, gifts and benefits that I received throughout my life but within that, I haven't considered and even ignored the fact that these rewards where controlling me into becoming a limited version of myself, tied to other people wishes, wants and needs without ever in fact discovering who I am and what is it that I truly want from myself and my Life.


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed the Rewards and the Benefits I received, despite of me knowing what it would entail and what of me I would have to scarify to be able to continue winning the rewards and benefits. In this, I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to Experience Anxiety and Discomfort when receiving these rewards and benefits because in self honesty, I knew that I compromising and limiting myself as now I had to give something back, a part of myself that I've separated myself from.


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to store the Experience of Anxiety and Discomfort when Receiving a Reward as a Condition to specific Behaviour I must apply or a Decision I must make and thus, when and as I Received from another, the Memory activated and generated the Experience of Anxiety and Discomfort within and as my human physical body.


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to falling into the manipulation trap when beings that gave me a reward, benefit or a gift in the past, are now bringing up this memory of them giving me a reward, benefit, gift to influence my Decisions so that my Decisions would be aligned with their Self Interest rather walking as a Principle of that which is best for all Lives. In this, I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to instead of directly seeing the manipulation and direct the moment effectively, to activate guilt within and as myself within the belief that I must give back because I've initially Received.


 I commit myself to SHOW parents that what they MUST Give their Children is Life Skills to empower, grow and expand themselves through a process of Self Discovery instead of giving them Rewards and Benefits that would limit and suppress the physical Expression of who they really are.


I commit myself to show that the Reward system within the Parent/Child relationship is an attempt to Control and Enslave the child into becoming the Exact duplicate of their parents while suppressing the Child's beingness as a physical Expression of oneself.


I commit myself to Further investigate my relationship to/with the Principle: Give as You'd like to Receive and within that, to turn the point back to myself to see how I've abused and used the Principle to support my own self interest desires and thus, never really give to anyone unconditionally.


I commit myself to walk as the LIVING WORDS of the Principle Give as you would like to Receive as I see, realize and understand now that unless I change my living application and stand by/as principle, no real change is ever possible when looking at the Equality Equation: 1+1=2.


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