Jan 12, 2013 | By: A Woman

Process of Economic Self-Education - Day 271

I have B.A in Business Finance. What does it means? NOTHING. Until recently, I had no Clue regarding the TRUE Economy, the Forces involved behind the Scenes of the World Economy System and the specificity of the Consequences that had manifested. I worked in the Capital Market, I was trading with Large of Money and later on, I was managing the Monies of the Israeli Elite. And yet, I had no Clue whatsoever about the REAL and NASTY Truth. Nothing that I learned in the University prepared me for what I have found recently in my initiative to truly educate myself. What I did learn was how to make the Rich richer and the Poor Poorer without me knowing that I'm actually doing it.


I've been asking myself for years why Poverty exists in this world and I couldn't find the answer. However, I asked the Question from the starting point of self interest as If I actually care about the people that live under great life restriction with no chance to ever 'win' in this game of survival that we call 'Earth'.

I never really wanted to find out the answer because if I would, I would have done what I'm doing now - Real Life Self-Education through the Material that is available on the Internet.  I made many excuses and justification such as: "I don't have time for this, I have other important stuff to do" or: "I won't understand anyway because I'm lacking with lots of background in formation so what's the point". I've tried many times to "Push" myself and educate myself and yet, each time I found another excuse and justification for why I can't do this right now.


It was really only recently that I took on this point for myself and started educating myself regarding the Forces that shape, mould and manipulate the world into it's current existence. It was only recently that I've realized that the fact that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to educate myself about the actuality of this world, places me in a position of an Abuser of Life because I have done nothing to in fact change what I saw that must be corrected and changed. I mean, how can I possibly change something if I do not understand the Mechanics of it, the relationships it involved and how it works and functions? this I why I've realized that I'm directly responsible for this current manifestation of this world because I could have start educating myself long time ago since I have the resources and means and yet, I haven't. I always made sure that I be safe in this world, which all my needs are taken care of.


Like with Everything, change start with self and so, I committed myself to watch at least 5 documentary per week and I walked through the resistance of actually educate myself regarding the Economic History of Human civilization that evolved to where we are now so that could understand the core/origin/source of the problem in specificity which from there, I could walk towards a solution that is best for all Lives.


What I have found within and as myself was an experience of depression, shame, guilt, frustration, powerlessness and limitation after watching documentaries. Like a giving up almost within the profound belief that it is already too late and there is no chance that a change would ever be possible on earth as the forces that control and govern this world are too strong to ever allow a change that would place them in an Equal position like anyone else. That belief in itself is the key of why no one in fact stood up thus far and called for encompassing solution for this world. We blindly accept the inequality system as it is, no matter which side of the coin we are at.


When I was looking at my own experience of Depression, Shame, Guilt, Frustration and Powerlessness, I found that I have the tools to assist and support myself to stand up from these mind experiences, forgive myself and move on towards a solution because there is a solution and it is up to me to stand up for it.

Yes, there is 1% of the 1% of the Elite of this world that would do what ever is possible to stop me and the movement I stand as and for however - what I had to remind myself is that there is 99% that can be much more powerful than any MONEY and POWER that would sabotage the change. The question is - will we stand up together? Again, I see that it is up to me and those who are walking with me, to gather the 99% together through sharing our realization and keep on educating ourselves and make a stand together - if I give up, I cannot expect any change in this world because literally, the Equality Equation is very simple Equation: 1+1=2.


Thus, I will walk in the next blogs to come a few realizations that I had while watching documentaries and expanding my awareness regarding this world.


If you haven't already, I suggest following Economist's Journey to Life and Activist's Journey to life.


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