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Unconditional Giving and Receiving or a Control System? - Day 269



MayaH - Give llife to live life (Small)I'm seeing lately more and more that I've created issues around the Principle of Give as you'd like to Receive which made me look more carefully and deeply into my starting point in relation to living principle of 'Give as you'd like to Receive'. Interestingly enough, the reactions that I experience are more in the context of the Receiver than the Giver however, what is more interesting is that the issues around the Receiver were actually derived from the issues around the Giver.


What I've noticed was that when I Receive, I experience discomfort in my body, like anxiety almost. It's like, the moment I receive, I immediately go into the thought domain where I would see all the potentials and possibilities for me to Give back as if now, I must Give something back and unless I Give, I can't fully stand stable, Here, enjoy the moment, breathe - because I must give back.


For instance - if let's say, someone is offering to give me a massage because I had back pain or because they discovered a new pressure point in their back and now they want to show me the point while massaging, I go into anxiety. It is very slight anxiety but very much constant. If for instance, someone offers me a coffee or something to eat, I would immediately start calculating whether I should accept it because maybe it means that the next time I make myself a cup of coffee or something to eat, I should ask anyone around me if they would like so too. Or if someone buys me a gift, or a small thing that they know I would be pleased with, the anxiety kicks in again. I would then start calculating how much money I have to be able to gift them something back. And in sex as well, I never really allowed myself to Enjoy being 'treated' because I believed I would have to give back and then, I would give back according to the amount of time that I received. Quite fucked up story.


When looking at this point as a design, or the origin of the Design, as everything - all start at home where parents give their children gifts and expect in return the child to either be a good child, to do what was asked them to do, to be who they are expected to be which within that, the Child, as the Receiver feel obligated to Give something back to the parents. Often, the child doesn't really want to do or become what the parent wants them to do, be and become, but they do want to receive the gifts/rewards despite them knowing the Consequences it involves. Slowly but surely the demand from the parents makes the child feel slight anxiety and discomfort that would fade away and suppressed. And so, the Parents would control the child through a rewards system in a disguised of Unconditional Giving and if at any point the child rebel, the parents would always remind the child about the rewards the child had received and all the things the parents did for the child throughout time as a manipulation tactic to bring the Rebellion child back in track.


(Will continue in my next blog)


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