Jan 13, 2013 | By: A Woman

Who Control the World? - Day 272


This blog is within the Context of the The Koch Brothers Exposed Documentary.


I always wondered about the 'Forces' that control the world, about those that pull the strings and those who are behind the scenes influencing the Lives of us all. I named them as 'THEM' but I didn't know who are 'Them' and what are 'Them'. Are 'Them' Humans? Are 'Them' real? ' Are 'Them' Aware of what they are doing? Who the fuck are 'Them'.


And as I go and explore the World System within my Process of Economic Education, I found 'Them' - 'Them' are the 1% of the 1% of the Elite of this world that with their Money, they hold the Control of our Lives as their Money BUYS the Laws, BUY the Policies that would benefit the 1% of the 1% regardless of the Consequences both on the Individual Level and the Global Level in term of the Abuse of the Natural World Resources.


'Them' are for instance the Koch Brothers that are part of generational Blood-Line of Money, Power and Control. The Estimated Wealth worth of the Brother is more than 50 BILION US Dollars.


But is it really 'Them'? Is there really such a thing as 'Them'?


So, let's go one step backwards - why these documentary were done? Because we need someone to blame, we must point fingers, that is the only way we know how to handle our Experiences. Because I mean, we were never taught and educated to take SELF RESPONSIBILITY within the understanding that each one of us that make a decision based on Self Interest is 'They'/'Them' and unless we change this Equation, we won't live to see any change in this world.


So, I almost fall into the trap of finding 'Them' so that I could blame someone for the condition of the world and would be so overwhelmed by the Forces and the Power of the 1% of the 1% so that I wouldn't even bother to try and stand up for a change that is worth while.

Realize, it is not 'they'/'them', it is us as a collective that had accepted and allowed the Hierarchy structure of the world system and it will be us that would realize our self responsibility and do what ever needs to be done to change the course of this world immediately, affectively.





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