Dec 3, 2012 | By: A Woman

Holding onto a Grudge - Part 3- Day 233

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Before you read this blog, I truly suggest to Invest in the Quantum Mind - Self Awareness Interviews as it is a tremendous assistance and support for me in getting to know the origin of myself in how I programmed myself to behave, speak, react, form personalities and so forth. In this, I can slowly but surely, expand my awareness of myself as what I've accepted and allowed myself to be and become through years of Self Programming with Zero self and real Awareness.


Kris Lewis - In the DeepI Commit myself to Further expanding my Direct seeing of my own mind, from the Conscious to the Sub Conscious to the UnConsious and to the Quantum and the Physical Quantum Mind to understand the Mechanics of the Mind in how I've accepted and allowed myself to program my relationships with myself and with others with No Self Awareness.


I Commit myself to Investigate my Current Relationships within my Physical Environment to allocate the 'Preferences' that I've formed within these relationship so that I could see, realize and understand for myself, how I've programmed these preference in relationship with Past Memories Experiences as the Building blocks of how I would automatically experience myself in their presence, what Back chat would I have, How would I react and so forth. Within that, I commit myself to change my Relationship from Mind Experiences to Physical Living Expression of and as myself.


I Commit myself to when and as I see myself accessing defence mode in relation to another human being, to investigate and check if there are any memories from the past that I've associated and connected to this being and accordingly, assist and support myself to Forgive myself and delete the memories that I've utilize to Protect myself through holding onto Grudge as I now see, realize and understand that so long as I hold onto grudge, I'm not giving our relationship to transform to a supportive and effective relationship where we expand and grow ourselves within and as the principle of that which is best for all.


I commit myself to investigate all the fears that I've programmed myself within and as because I now see, realize and understand that so long as I'm approaching relationship within the starting point of fear, there is no way I could develop and establish a real and physical relationship with any human being as I would not allow myself to trust them and would keep a wall that separate us from really getting to know each other and develop a supportive and effective relationship that would stand for eternity.


I commit myself to - when and as I communicate with another human being, to allow myself to truly listen to their words, in letting go the defense mechanisms that I've created within and as myself from the starting point of fear. In this, I commit myself to self honestly getting to know the other human being in their totality as I now see, realize and understand that I have never accepted and allowed myself to see the being as who they are, but always approach the being from my own limitation of my own mind, through my opinions, beliefs, ideas, fears, reactions that I have created within and as myself throughout the years.


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