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The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 8) - Day 205


The Difference between Honesty and Self Honesty and Free Choice


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3What is Honesty and Self Honesty?


Lets utilize the example we have walked in the previous blogs regarding the program I've created within and as myself, of not liking watching/reading/hearing the news because it makes me feel uncomfortable within and as myself, due to the experience of fear when hearing/reading specific words like 'Murder', 'Arabs', 'War', 'Gun', 'Gaza'.


Honesty, from a social perspective would be for instance, sharing that I don’t like watching/reading/reading the news because I don't like the experience I have within and as myself, this feeling inside my stomach, like a spasm almost that is really uncomfortable and this is why, I really prefer not reading/watching/hearing the news... it's not for me; and beside, there is nothing that I can do if I read/watch/hear the news; I mean, what can possibly change if I would be aware of the world's current matter - nothing. everything will continue regardless of my participation in hearing/reading/watching the news.


One may say that I'm being honest about what I'm feeling because I'm not denying that I have fears, I'm honest about it and accordingly, acting on my conscious decision to not get involved with the news because I 'feel' that it's not supporting me.


Here you can see that the starting point is ME - what would be best for me, and in that, justify my Pre-programmed preferences with honesty. Within that context Honesty would be solving/fixing/placing a plaster on the symptoms of the problem, supressing it down, avoiding, ignoring and do what ever it takes to not face myself (and correcting the origin/core of the problem); most people in our society would say that as long as I'm sharing the fact that I experience fear within and as myself, I'm being honest.


However, Honesty, is not self honesty.


Self honesty imply Self Responsibility where one would investigate ALL points/relationships and keep that which is good for ALL together with Give as you would like to receive and Do unto another as you would like to be done unto you. Within that context of being involved with the World's current matters - when we blind ourselves from what is here, because it doesn't make us feel good and because it creates within and as ourselves an inner discomfort and an experience of Fear, we are not considering the Billions of people that are experiencing a Physical discomfort, suffering and abuse. 


Self Honesty implies, that when and as I see myself compromising myself and this world by avoiding the news in not being aware of what is really going on (World in that context would be the realization that I am part of the interconnectedness relationships that world is consisting of and existing as), I stop, and I Breathe, and take a moment to investigate my Resistance in for instance, watching/reading/hearing the news, as I see, realize and understand that if I won't be aware of what is really going on in this world, I won't move myself in changing and correcting the very foundation this world is based on and would then thus, also directly and indirectly abdicate my responsibility as a human being in this world in not seeing what is here, what needs to be directed and corrected and how can I practically, assist and support, in correcting the problem from its foundation/core/origin so that no one would have to physically experience what I Mentally fear to experience.

(The Dynamics between compliance, fear and abdication of our responsibility in standing up for those that do not have the capability and the resources is explained in the interview - The Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 17).


Thus, unless one investigate one's resistance to the Desteni Message, one is not Self Honest within and as oneself. Unless one investigate one's resistance to the Desteni Message, one doesn’t have a free choice in fact. Honest person would justify the world as it is today and make it ok, within and as oneself; Self Honest person would not accept and allow this world to continue as it is and would stand up and walk towards the correction of the foundation of this world in manifesting, practically, the outcome that is best for all lives. 

Free choice would imply self responsibility in every moment of every breath in Self Honesty. Free Choice can only exists when one is Honest with oneself within the realization that one is ONE part of all the relationships in this world and unless the relationship stands for that which is best for all, one would take the responsibility and correct the starting point of the relationships so that the relationship would result with the best outcome that is best for all.


Axel said...

Once we see and accept the state of the world and "make it okay, within and as oneself", do we then really have the free choice between (a) leaving it at that and go with our lives in self-interest or (b) try to manifest change that is best for all? I mean, how do we make this choice in and as ourselves even? Do have "free choice" in this or are we even here following some deeper urge, some pre-programmed or inherent value system that resides inside of us, our "true nature", our souls calling, or whatever we want to call it. Is there really a free choice in anything we do?

But perhaps it is not even a relevant question if we have free choice or not. Isn't it just a question of what we chose, no matter if its free or not? Which of course also raises the next question: who and what are we if don't have free choice at all.

A Woman said...

It all comes down to Self honesty. If one see the Problems of this world, one could see in self honesty, one's responsibility and accountability within the creation of the manifested problems and therefor, one would take responsibility in doing what ever possible to be done to correct the problem. Free choice for Real, is an absolute expression self Honesty which one develop as one walk one's process out of the mind and into the Physical. Only when one investigate all things and take absolute responsibility within a process of correction and prevention, one can discover the actuality of Free choice. As Jack once said - there is really one Free Choice - to either become self honest or not. Does that make sense?

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