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The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 7) - Day 204

Is Free Choice Real?


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So, What is Free Choice?

When looking at what we have discussed regarding our Preferences, Free choice doesn't seem to be so much Free as we had believed it was; I mean, If my Preference, for example, to not get involved with the current world events, in reading/watching/hearing the news, to avoid the Fear Experience that I've stored within and as me, as memory from my childhood, did I really have a choice in 'disliking' watching/hearing/reading the news as a grown-up? was the Choice Free or was I only living the illusion of free choice by responding to my pre-programmed design?


From a certain perspective, Yes, it was a free Choice, but one that I've made early in my childhood, within my Decision to store the Memory experience as Fear within and as me, through how I had accepted and allowed myself to program myself with the storage and thus the imprint of my experience which I would then act upon within my adult years.


However, within that, we must not forget our innocence wherein, as a child, I didn’t have the tools to be able to look within and as myself, to investigate the nature of the fear, see the outflows that may occur through my acceptance and allowances of my pre-programmed designs; wherein if trained as an effective human being I could have seen the consequences that result from that which I accept as my programming, such as 'preferring to not get involved with the Current world Matters', and through this directly seeing, and making the decision to Free myself from the Fear Experience through the CORRECTIVE application of - Immediate self forgiveness, BREATH, and standing within and as my human physical body, checking/assessing that I'm in fact, Here, in the Physical, with no energy movement because I see, realize and understand that if I accept and allow energy movement to remain in my body, I've already accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from myself as a physical living human being and in that, give my power a way to the Energy that would slowly but surely accumulate within and as me, and become my directive principle in how I would move, walk and direct my life.

(The corrective application process will be discussed in more detail in the blogs to come)


As was described in my Previous blog, Preference is:

"Preference is the choices one would make according to the 'possibilities' that one sees in one's world and one's reality which one would then, evaluate according to what would be the best choice to make that would result with the best outcome that would be best for self within one's own self interest and desires . This we can also see in the 'Sounding' of the word 'Preference' -> Pre-Reference; wherein one would firstly look at all the References that exists for self, those references represents the Choices/possibilities one have and accordingly make the decision that is best for self."


Free choiceLet's have a look at 'Possibilities that one sees' in relationship to Preferences.

As was explained and shown in The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 1) - Day 198 - our Seeing of Reality is through our Experiences that we have created within and as our minds within the context of attaching/associating a Value which is either Positive or Negative to what we see in our reality according to our pre-programmed designs. For instance, with the Brick example - either I like or dislike the colour/shape/texture of the Brick, won't change the Physicality of the Brick but only change my Experience in relation to the Brick.


The Positive or Negative Value within the context of 'Preferences' is what we Like and Dislike or what we Desire or have a resistance towards, which would determine the value we will assign/attach/associate with our experience wherein, Like/Desire would be the Positive Value as a Positive Experience and Dislike/Resistance would be the Negative Value as a Negative Experience. Therefor, the 'Possibilities' that we 'see' in our reality, as the foundation of our Preferences as  the Choices we would live out, would be according to our Desires/Likes or our Resistances/Dislikes, all of which within the context of one's Self Interest to manifest the best outcome for oneself.


The questions that must be asked now are - where do my Desires come from? Where do my Resistances come from? Where/when/how/why have I decided to Like or Dislike a certain thing? Where/when/how/why have I decided to have a Desire or have a Resistance towards certain things? Without investigating these points within and as myself but rather take my Preferences for granted, place the entire design of Free choice in Question because I can clearly see for myself that, my Preference of not getting involved with the Current world matters were  a Justified preference I made within and as myself, to not Face my Resistance to a Past memory as an experience of Fear wherein I programmed myself to believe that I simply Dislike watching/reading/hearing the News and thus, I can state for myself that, I had no free choice in moments where I had the possibility to watch/read/hear the news and decided not to participate, because I blindly followed my pre-programmed design in 'choosing' to not get involved with the news.


Thus - Does Free choice exists when and as we follows our pre-programmed Life Design? Are we in fact the Directive principle in every moment of every breath when we follow our Pre-programmed life design? These are questions that can be answered in Self Honesty. However, the Difference between Self Honesty and Honesty is a blog by itself that I would walk in my next Blog.


*Note - to understand the relationship between Energy and our Human Physical body, I suggest studying the Quantum Mind Series on EQAFE.


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