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Stress and Anxiety - Self Creation or Elite's Mind Control?–Day 222

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Henrietta HarrisFor the purpose of context, suggest reading these posts above prior to reading the post below, if you haven’t already. Here I will be walking the 'I don't have TIME' Character - Reaction Dimension - Practical support with Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments.


Reactions Dimension:

* Jealousy

* Frustration

* Irritation

* Anger

* Judgment and Self Judgment

* Impatient

* Self Pity

* Depression

* Anxiety

* Stress




Stress and Anxiety


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to react in Stress and Anxiety within the Embodiment of the 'I don't have Time' Character and within that, I forgive myself that I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to investigate the nature of the Stress and Anxiety within and as me, in seeing, realizing and understanding that I've accepted and allowed Stress and Anxiety because I've Defined myself according to what I do and specifically, how others would define/judge me according to what I do and the results that I bring and thus, when and as t 'I don't have time' to finish specific task/work in time, it is due to my expectations from myself to be more effective within and as myself as well as the Fear that others would be disappointed from me because they have expected better results from me. In this, I forgive myself that I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to see that unless expectations exists, either from myself or from others, Stress and Anxiety cannot exists. Please also, Read Day 61: Anxiety Character


I commit myself to STOP placing Value in how others would define me according to what I do and in this, to respect myself, to value and worthy myself within Physical Self Trust in assisting and supporting myself to walk breath by breath, seeing directly the Physical Reality as what would be the best for all outcome, in any given moment.


I commit myself to remind myself that Who I am is not defined according to what I do but within who I am as what I do and accordingly, to always cross reference myself, in questioning myself, and the starting point that I've based my decision of walking in any given moment and accordingly, if I see in self honesty that the starting point is not aligned and that I've projected the outcome to fit with my desire to be worthy, validated and accepted by others, I correct and change the starting point immediately, in breath.


Martine JohannaI forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to create expectation from myself and within that, set myself in a goal of achieving these expectation, in my mind as a projection, and accordingly define myself as. In this, I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to access Stress and Anxiety when and as I'm not standing in alignment to my own goals/projections/expectations, instead of assessing whether the goals/projections/expectations that I've set forth for myself are realistic in a space/time consideration and within that, ask myself, what can I learn and correct within and as myself in how I could prioritize the time differently in aligning the space/time in a practical considerations so that the next time, I would have the sufficient time to walk through a point/task/work efficiently, specifically and effectively.


In this, I commit myself to transform moments of Stress and Anxiety to Gifts where I can learn, correct and perfect myself in how I look at things and make decisions, who I am within my decisions, what is my starting point and within that, align myself to self support practical consideration and application within the principle of what is best for all in any given moment, instead of Mind Self Destruction within and as for instance, accepting Stress and Anxiety to exists within and as me through a mind projections as expectations that I've set forth from the starting point of being validated, accepted and worthy in the eyes of others. .


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed the common belief that Stress is valid as it is one's catalyst and motivator for one's movement, in how one would direct and push oneself to perfect oneself however, within that, I have NOT accepted and allowed myself to realize that one do not require Stress as a motivator for one's movement because one can decide to move oneself, in all parts of oneself, in breath by breath living application as one realize one's Self Responsibility in Self honesty within and as the principle of what is best for all and in the very least, Stress as a motivator, was promoted by the world system, in how stress is connected with Money as how one would  motivate oneself in Comparison and Competition to others because one knows that unless one produce a specific outcome, one would not be rewarded and would face consequences that is not in alignment to one's self interest Desire to Survive.


I commit myself to further investigate the relationship between Stress, Anxiety and Money within the world system and within that, to educate myself in seeing how Stress was used throughout time to enslave and control human being for the benefit of the Elite of this world.


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