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How Capitalism Justifies Child Labour - Day 308

marlen 9I found it fascinating how Capitalism justify, defend and excuse the Atrocities of this world through comparing itself to other Ideology. These justifications/excuses is like a child that did something wrong and when the parents caught the child, the child would say: "But look, what my brother/sister did is much worse and therefor, I'm fine, no reason to be mad at me".

The Reasoning I found on the website capitalism.org are based on Fallacy however, unfortunately, the reasoning are aligned with our principle of self interest and therefor, we accept these reasoning and defend it as if it was the truth, completely deny and ignore the consequences of our acceptance and allowance that had manifested in this world as a result.


Let's look at the following Questions and Answers from the website - Capitalism.org



Doesn’t capitalism lead to child labor in factories?

No. Capitalism did not create child labor working in fields or factories. It inherited it from the previous political systems. Observe that in communist Cuba of today 11 year old children are forcibly sent off to “summer camps” where they spend time working in fields cutting sugar cane and tobacco — this is called by leftists as “volunteerism” and “education”. Yet little mention is made of this.

What halted child labor in factories?

Throughout history the parents of most families could not produce enough to support their families without having their children work also. It was the accumulation of capital by the industrialists that increased the productivity of adults, so that children did not have to work in fields or factories. In poor non-capitalist countries they are still working in fields and factories, because the parents are not productive enough to support their children.

Historically, children working in factories (and fields) was only a transitory stage between early feudalism and capitalism. Prior to working in factories, before the Industrial Revolution, many children (and their parents) used to die and starve, as evidenced by the high infant mortality statistics before the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Observe that is was not until families left the “country” and went into the “cities” that they were able to produce enough food to eat. The clearest evidence of this is population and infant mortality statistics: population did not go up and infant mortality did not go down until the Industrial Revolution.

If life was so great before capitalism in the “country”, why was infant mortality so high and population numbers considerably lower before capitalism? Answer: because life was not so great until the Industrial Revolution made its appearance.

Will labor laws banning child labor in non-capitalist countries put an end to child poverty?

Contrary to leftist rhetoric passing child labor laws in these countries will not solve the problem, but will only lead to mass starvation — which is why the “poor” themselves resist such laws. It is primarily for the benefit of the rich, leftist “humanitarians” — that live in capitalist countries — who cry out for these laws, that these laws are implemented.


Yes, it's true, Child Labour was existent before Capitalism, does that justify in any way Child Labour? the face that child Labour exists in other ideologies justified child Labour in any way whatsoever? NO!


Doesn’t capitalism lead to child labor in factories?

No. Capitalism did not create child labor working in fields or factories. It inherited it from the previous political systems. Observe that in communist Cuba of today 11 year old children are forcibly sent off to “summer camps” where they spend time working in fields cutting sugar cane and tobacco — this is called by leftists as “volunteerism” and “education”. Yet little mention is made of this.


This statement is actually stating: "We got the Child Labour existence from the Previous Political System and this is why, one cannot blame us for it and besides, the Communist system allows child labour either so nothing is perfect". Again, I deliberately used the words within the expression of a child because it seems to be as a childish-like Behaviour where no one is taking responsibility but instead, shift the responsibility to others by dismissing one's wrong doing by highlight another's faulty behaviours.


DSC00658I've walked intensively the point of child labour in Uzbekistan in its relation to the Capitalistic System around the world and how, due to lack of our education in understanding where we get our clothes from for instance, and who is involved in the production process from the fields to the stores. We are talking about massive modern slavery of all range of ages that is accepted and allowed by the Capitalistic world because as long as we get our rewards in a form of cheap and fancy shirt, we would not questions points like child labour and its relationship to capitalism. I suggest watching the Vlog done by Kelly - Review: A Woman's Journey to Life: Human Sweatshops will END in Equal Money Capitalism


The fact is that the Capitalistic System is ABLE to Eradicate child Labour around the world once we transform the Capitalistic Value of Money from Greed, Control and Power to a Value of Life that is best for all and in that, insuring that all children and their families have access to the world resources which include food, water, clothes, education, health care and so on. 


So, the fact that Capitalism didn't create a new form of Child Labour but rather 'Inherit' it from previous ideologies system, isn't validate the responsibility of the Capitalism system to make sure Child Labour is no more and in this, walking the necessary steps to make sure that ending Child Labour won't affect the better beings of their families but vice versa, through building a foundation of a sustainable Life that is dignified and worthwhile wherein no modern slave exists to benefit those with the Money within the Capitalistic System.


You can look at this in the following way -

Let's say that your neighbour died from some sort of circumstances and you left of raising their children. Now, before the neighbour died, you knew that the way the neighbour treated their children is inhuman and abusive and as a result, their children are facing behaviour problems and difficulties to socially connect with the world. Previously to the Neighbour's death, you felt that you couldn't do anything to protect the children because it wasn't your concern according to the system eye's view and there were no legal ways you could support the children. But now, once the neighbour died, you are responsible for the kids, despite of their behavioural problems. What would you do? You have 2 Options - Accept the Old and allow the continuation of unnecessary Consequences or stand up and assist and support these children to the best of your abilities. The first option would result with more time for yourself, with less responsibilities and you could enslave these kids to run errands for you or force them to make you food for you while you ley back on your comfortable Sofa and watching some Reality TV show. The Second option would mean that you'll have to give up from yourself to another, have greater responsibilities and no slaves to do stuff for you.

The Capitalistic System Statement above is a Mirror for the First option where one would say for instance: "oh, I'm not responsible because I have inherited the kids as they are and I won't do anything in my power to assist and support them. this is who they are, who they will be and I rather utlize what is here to maximize my living condition and well being".

However, if there is anything Good within you, and you have the ways and means to assist these kids, you would choose the Second option because that's the human thing to do and you won't use the excuses of this is what it was and this is what it will be. Am I right?


Marlen 7Same with the current world system - we cannot say this is what it always have been and this is what it will be - we have to take our responsibility and walk the corrections to resolve the problems within the system so that no one will have to suffer the consequences that we are directly and indirectly responsible for. This is our responsibility as Life, to make sure that everyone have their Life to Live no matter who and what they are. Life is Here and it needs to be aligned within the Principles of:

- Give as you would like to receive

- Do unto another as you would like to be done unto you

- Investigate ALL things and keep that which is good for All.


So which option will you walk? Option No.1 Remaining absolute ignorant which would result with the continuation of the abuse in this world and thus would place you in a position of an Abuser of Life or Option No.2 - Stand up for a life that is best for all and utilize this ONE Life that you have to make sure the Correction and Prevention to the Current world's problems would be established and implemented? You decide.

In the next blog, we will have a look at the next 2 Questions and Answers so stay tuned.


Dragan Stranjina said...

Another interesting question is why in non developed/capitalistic Countries Families are always built with more Children,than in a developed/capitalistic Countries!?

A Woman said...

Dragan, that has to with Poverty either as the child is considered as a labor force that may support the family. Also, since Education is not well developed in these countries and more specifically Health Education, the women are prompt to get pregnant then having the tools to prevent a pregnancy.

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