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It is time to STOP Existing as a Human Machine - Day 186

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38I commit myself to STOP diminishing myself through and as Accepting and Allowing the Copy-Paste Character to exists within and as me as I see, realize and understand how and why I have accepted the character to exists within and as me and the consequences that had emerged from accepting and allowing the Copy-Paste character to exists within and as me. I realized that I've been looking for the short cut, the Quick Fix, as part of my desire and design to be MORE than who I am within the belief that the More I do, the More I'm being validated by others and to be able to do MORE, the less time I have in walking each and every responsibility to its utmost potential. I Realized that through accepting and allowed the Copy-Paste Character, not only I'm sabotaging myself, I'm also compromising the Group as I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to walk each and every step within Breath by breath living application and instead, have been walking short cuts and not fulfilling my responsibility as effective as possible.


I commit myself to STOP looking for the short cuts and the Quick Fix as I see, realize and understand that through seeing and looking for the quick fix and the short cuts, I'm in fact Missing a breath since - to be able to desire the short cuts and the quick fix, I must have created an idea/belief/opinion about who I would be as the end result of that which I do and through projecting this idea/belief/opinion towards what I do, I've missed a breath, missed an opportunity to walk Breath by Breath as WHO I really am which would result with the best utmost potential outcome within everything that I do because when walking within and as breath, step by step, moment by moment, One is Physically here, directing one's world and one's environment according to that which is best for all within the realization that there is so much that can be done within each and every breath and everything that is being done within each and every breath must be, walked and applied to one's utmost abilities within and as the principle of what is best for all and within that - the Physical space time is irrelevant - what relevant as WHO one is within Everything that one do.


I commit myself to BE HERE, within each and every breath, within each and every thing that I do and within that, I commit myself to - when and as I'm busy with a task, to Asses my starting point within that, making sure it is aligned with what's best for all. I commit myself to - When and as I'm busy with a task, to BREATHE, to test and check in self honesty that I'm physically here, walking the steps that would result with the utmost best outcome, regardless that time that it takes as I see, realize and understand that when I accept and allow myself to rush and have things done, I'm not applying myself as the best that I am able to, which result with compromising of myself, the group and existence as a whole because I would time loop again and again till I change myself in fact, in absolute self honesty.


I commit myself to SHOW how and why the world system as a whole and the Education system in particular, is in the support of the continuation of the Human Robot existence that would never stand up and call for a change that is best for all as this change may threaten those in Power, those with Money and thus Control and would place them in an EQUAL position to the rest of man kind with EQUAL opportunities of having Dignified and fulfilling LIFE.


I commit myself to SHOW How and Why the Education system do not support the human beings in developing a critical thinking, developing Skills to think, analyse, assess, check their existence within and as a principle of what is best for all and in that, I commit myself to SHOW that the education system world wide do not in fact educate the humans to be and become an effective human beings in this world, with substantial Life Skills that would benefit existence as a whole because once the human beings would stand in equilibrium with who they are, within and as the principle of equality and oneness, those in power and control would have EQUAL status to every human being in this world and would have to equally contribute to maintain and sustain a world that is best for all, unlike how it is working now for them, where they have slaves to do the hard work for them.


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