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Facing the Evil within - the KEY to Self Awareness - Day 188

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As I was writing for myself the Dimensions of the 'I don't have TIME' character: Fear, Thoughts, Imagination, Back chat, reactions and physical behaviour, an experience of Shame or more specifically, a reaction of shame was coming up from within me. I came to realize the nasty, evil and spiteful shit that I've accepted and allowed within and as myself and how I channelled this evilness, spitefulness and nastiness through blame and projection towards others.


The Fascinating point that I've realized through walking this point was that - unless I face the Evilness, Spitefulness, Nastiness that I've already become, there is no way I would become aware of the totality of myself. What we usually tend to do is to justify our own nastiness, spitefulness and Evilness that we have become, through projecting and blaming others and within that, suppress/ignore/deny our real beingness, our real self that must be faced and change.


The key to LIFE is through facing our Evilness - Desteni had said that many times before but no one listened; I never listened because - facing the Evilness that I've become would imply that I would must admit to myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to stand as Evil towards myself and my world and within admitting that, I must face the consequences and become OK with the fact that I'm not a good person as I deluded myself to define myself as.


So, I commit myself and will myself to face the true nature of what I've become as EVIL.

Understand, there is no Judgement within my words as in self honesty - I trust myself to sort out what ever I face as I stand up, I correct and I change. It is also quite clear now that there is no single man alive that isn't Evil from the inside, it is a contagious disease we are all carrying, generation after generation, denying, ignoring and suppressing who and what we have become, despite of seeing clearly how this world had become and this world, must have been created through and by Evil and the continuation through accepting and allowing the world to continue as it is, implied, show, reveal and expose our Evilness - blinded so completely, looking and seeking for our own good feeling, our own happiness, regardless of the lives that are in suffer, day in and day out. Accepting and allowing another human being to suffer as a result of a world system of abuse, corruption and greed, is accepting and allowing our Evilness nature. The world system is a direct reflection of who we are in our very beingness because who we are is defined by what we accept and allow and what we would not within and as the principle of what is best for all. The moment we have accepted and allowed ourselves to ignore, deny and suppress the Evilness without, we accepted and allowed the Evilness within which that had created from the get go, the Evilness without. So, here comes the Question - The Chicken or the Egg. However, answering the question of what came first, the chicken or the egg is irrelevant as we already lives and exists within and as the manifested consequences  of our acceptances and allowances of the Evilness - within and without.

Facing ourselves as the EVIL within, is a crucial point in one's Process because unless one face the entirety of oneself, and not only the part of oneself that self doesn't like - there is no way that self get HERE, as absolute self awareness in and as the physical.

What self 'like' and 'dislike' is a question that one must ask oneself - whether what we like and dislike are in fact what we like and dislike or a direct result of our upbringing/programming? Is it really that I don't like something or I simply fear facing and finding out for myself? Is it really that like something or is it that I have a memory experience of being validated/appreciated as external positive feedback that cause me to 'feel good' that makes me then like a specific thing?


So - lots more to walk and face within our Journeys to Life. It is TIME to face our true nature, our real beingness and from within that - change and correct. It's time to be aware, so absolutely, that we will never again, accept and allow ourselves to abuse and sabotage ourselves, others and existence as a whole.




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