Oct 14, 2012 | By: A Woman

Copy Paste Character - the Way for Success? - Day 183

I like short cuts, I like having things done quick, I like the magic wand, I like getting to the finish line without having to make much of an effort to get there. And - that's was what I was doing throughout my Life through utilizing the Copy-Paste Character; only what I haven't considered is the consequences and that within the Copy-Paste Character, I'm not really assisting and supporting myself to grow and Expand myself - all I was doing was creating a time loop that would take me much longer to correct, diminishing myself to the level of becoming a robotic human being with none critical thinking and self investigation.


How I have justified the Validity of existing as the Copy-Paste character is through - "I don't have time", "I need to have this done ASAP", "I don't know how to do it so well, and I don't want to spend time on something others would do better then me", "I don't know how to do this", "I will have to research and investigate the point thoroughly and I don't have the time to do so, better to simply copy-paste", "I must have it done so that I have time for more things to be done", "oh, I'm not good enough, they presented it better, I trust their application, I will simply copy paste from them".


When looking at the Fear dimension - if I won't do as much as I could possible do, I'll be useless and be defined as such. If I won't have it done, I will fail, I will be nothing. If I won't have it done, I won't have pleasure time so in essence, the Fear Dimension is - Fear of being Judged and disrespectful, Fear of Failure.

It's Funny because I have the tendency to take as many responsibilities as possible but within the copy paste character, what I'm now seeing, realizing and understanding that I've abdicated my responsibility from the perspective of - I don't trust myself to apply the point "correctly" and thus, I will use the application that was done by others because I trust their application and within that- I'm abdicating my own responsibility to apply myself within Self Trust, for MYSELF when and as I see a task that must be done because that is what's best for all.


When did I start applying the Copy-Paste character - High School. I remember having to study for a literature exams where we had to read 5 or more stories or poetry and then, analyse it and write about our understanding of it. I didn't want to do it because it wasn't a cool thing to do meaning - the cool people in my school didn't read the material, they simply read the short version that was passing around with prepared questions and answered. They also watched the movie instead of reading the book or what ever the assignment was. And I, wanted to be cool as well so I did the same, only read the short version of the story, studied the past years exams and got my A. I mean, it was easy - all I had to do is copy the information into my brain and paste it on the exams sheet. after the exam was done, I deleted the information cause I didn't have any reason to keep it there or any use of it later on in my life. Or so I believed.


So, my training for life in high school already was - Copy-Paste have good results and I don't need to really study and understand what I study, all I need to do is to temporarily insert the information to my mind and vomit it onto the exam sheets.

In the University - it was much EASIER process because the exams were with open books. So all I had to do is make sure I have good books and notes from people that actually studied, study their notes, make sure I know how to allocate the material quickly and again, vomit all the information to the exam sheets and get a good mark. Lol, it became much easier in my final year when I discovered that the exams each year are exactly the same and one could take the past year exams, with the answers already prepared and literally, copy paste the information into one's exam.


Side note - initially I thought it was a stupid thing from the university side to give us the very same exams from the years before but now, I understand the starting point in doing such a thing - having students with high grades, elevate the university reputation and with a good reputation, more money comes in. Which means, that the education system doesn't really want you to grow and expand yourself, but to rather be automated machine, with no real critical thinking and integration of the material in one's day to Day living application but they rather wants your money and use you to generate more money. On that note, I suggest watching the documentary - The College Conspiracy.


And now, this copy-paste character is still a character I see myself using within my day to day living application where I would look for the short cut, the quick fix, not seeing absolutely the consequences and the harm I'm creating not only for myself but for our group as a whole as within walking as the copy paste character - my support is not absolute, my standing is not absolute and the example I'm showing is not absolutely aligned within and as the principle of that which is best for all.


So - time to say 'Bye Bye' to the character through a process of Self Forgiveness and to instead, investigate each and every starting point in each and every task that I'm doing and within that, make sure that the starting point is Self Realization as to who I am within what I do and how who I am within what I do must result in the best for all out come.

Within that, to realize that having more and more responsibilities while they are not being walked as effective as possible is useless. Better to focus and make the best out of everything that I do instead of having things half way done and in that, compromise myself and the group as a whole.


Márton Szabó said...

cool post!
it's interesting that they allow open books at university...here every school does everything they can to force student to only copy-paste from the mind (thinking that this way it will stay there) and any bit of pasting is counted as cheating if the person is catched...thanks for sharing.

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