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Am I willing to have Children with this Person? - Day 182

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I commit myself to SHOW that for practical common sense living application one do not require FEAR as the directive principle and in this, I commit myself to show that the fears one had define as Positive fears to protect oneself from one's world/reality can be altered and change to practical common sense living application that one can walk within and as, without the existence of fear within and as oneself.


I Commit myself to SHOW that when one is making a decision based on FEAR and making an act that would result in suppressing the FEAR within and as oneself so that self won't have to face the fear, physical consequences may emerge that will effect one's life. In this, I commit myself to SHOW the relationship between the Mind and the Physical wherein suppressed fear that were not dealt/sorted out within and as oneself, would manifest consequences that will harm the human physical body.


I Commit myself to Always investigate the source/core of any pain I experience within and as myself as I see, realize and understand that I was the one who had created the pain through accepting and allowing all forms of beliefs, ideas, perceptions, opinions about myself that would stand in alignment to my own self interest, without any fundamental ground in cross referencing these components with a physical equal and one result.


I Commit myself to Show that having a desire for sex, without understanding what sex IS and how to utilize Sex as a support for oneself, one's body and partner, indicate that one is an automated machine that has no respect for oneself, one's partner and LIFE as all one care about is fulfilling one's desire for nothing but an energy fix to sustain the machine that one had accepted and allowed self to be an become.


I Commit myself to get to know my partner within who my partner is and the potential my partner has to stand in alignment with me so that we can together, grow and expand ourselves, utilising our forces in changing ourselves and this world as a whole and until I'm sure and satisfied the agreement can stand in alignment to what's best for all, and that we can spend our life in a commitment to ourselves and each others, Sex wouldn't be part of the picture as I now see, realize and understand the responsibility that comes with sex and the consequences sex might have and in this, I stand here in a commitment to myself to utilize sex as a support structure for both me and my partner and not as a need, desire or want that is based on Energies, manipulations and self interest that may harm me or others.


I Commit myself to respect myself and ask myself a question when considering agreement with a prospect partner: "Am I willing to have children with this person?". The reason for this question is to see what movement and reactions comes up from within and in that, making sure I'm not deluding myself in ignoring the signs that I could see when desires/wants/needs are removed from the equation but rather, walking the equation that would lead to the utmost best outcome that would result in and as the principle of that which is best for all.


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