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Life Journey - Regret as Fear of Loss - Part 2

This is a continuation to:

Sexual Journey - Regret as Fear of Loss - Day 136

Life Journey - Regret as Fear of Loss - Self Forgiveness - Part 1 - Overview - Day 137


As I was walking the Self Forgiveness yesterday and went back today to review my statements, I've noticed that the main point that I were accepting and allowing within and as myself was self judgement to control, enslave and take myself down into absolute self distrust, disrespect and in essence - Went into the Diminishment route.


When I looked at the Self Diminishment character, I've seen that this character is bases on Comparison which lead to Jealousy, competition and the polarity that would balance me between Jealousy as the 'down' and being spiteful to others as my 'high'. However, what I haven't covered in specificity is when the Comparison is bases on the Idea that I have about myself and what happen when my idea about myself isn't in alignment to my physical reality or where I am within my own process.


And so, yes, moments of regret had emerged which I've covered yesterday but what I haven't seen was how through regret, I judged myself to such an extent that I "lost" my own self respect to myself by judging myself for accepting and allowing thoughts of regret and accordingly, through the idea that I had in my mind of who and what I should already be in my process, I judged myself as I couldn't accept those thoughts and I haven't even seen my own struggling that indicated that the point wasn't a self realization point but rather energy fight that I've participated with myself so that I could justify the diminishment character within and as myself.


The point is that - There isn't right/wrong; the idea that I have in my mind about who and what I should be is an enslavement by itself because who I am isn't an idea that I must stand as; who I am is who I am in every moment of every breath and in absolute self trust, I would stand when I fall when participating with thoughts/backchat/feelings/emotions. I mean, I should be grateful for myself for seeing the backchat/reactions/thoughts in comparison to suppress and ignore and believe life is perfect and I'm perfect. If I wouldn't see the thoughts/backchat/reaction, that would be a problem. lol


So what I have I done? I totally diminished myself through self judgement for having thought of regret because I felt ashamed of myself. But instead, I'm here to assist and support myself to stand equal and one with what I've accepted and allowed as my mind and in that, not taking myself personally as I see, realize and understand how and why I've created those backchats/reactions/thoughts. So seriously, Enough - no more self judgement but rather seeing those moments of opportunity to change, Here, as and within breath.



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