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Investigating Sexual Expression - Part 2 - Day 121

This is a continuation to:

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beautiful-girls-in-photo-manipulations22A few days ago, I was writing about the Negative Charge within the words Sex, Fuck and so forth and today, I will continue with looking and investigating the Positive Charge that we have attached for example, to the words: Romance, Making Love, Love etc.


It is interesting to see, how we are only working/writing/dealing with that which makes us feel uncomfortable and we disregards that which makes us feel good, better, superior. Meaning, why should I investigate that which makes me feel good? Why can't I only get rid of the negative feeling within and as myself? Why do I need to stop the positive energy within and as myself? I don't want to.. Lol. That is a common statement that I hear from many beings - "you are so negative! You have to fight the human nature with positivity! All you need is Love". Is it? If that is so, why we have defined sex and making Love with a polarity charge despite of the fact that it describe the same thing? And obviously, if Love is all we need, how come there is so much abuse in this world. (for context watch my vlog 2012 - LOVE Month - Is Love and Light the Solution?

The Polarity design of energy was explained in details in Earth's Journey to Life - Day 5: Redefining Words (Part 2) - Playing polarity games


Why is it that making LOVE is accepted and Sex/fuck isn't? I mean, seriously, that is the exact same thing. why are we reactive in a positive way to the words 'Making Love' and reacting in a negative way to the words sex/fuck?


So, why is it that Making Love and Romance is Ok? Is Positive? Is allowed? While the fact of the matter is that the physical act remain the same - 2 human beings fucking each other.. Lol

Why is it wrong to Make Love with ourselves? Why is it shameful to create an environment for ourselves, alone, candles in one's room, clean sheets, quite music, maybe some essential oil burners and simply touch ourselves, becoming intimate with our physical body? Why is it that when touching oneself in a warm, candle light, music environment is suddenly sound bad/wrong when we called the physical touch - Masturbation. Oh no, god forbid saying this word. 


In self honesty, one can look within oneself at the physical body changes when hearing the words Fuck vs. hearing the words Making love. The word Fuck comes with disgusted, constriction in the belly area, the face constricting as well and specifically in the mouth reign and our entire human physical body yells: "NO, it's awful, don't say that". However, when hearing the word 'Making Love' the body expand, like breathing from the inside, smile suddenly automatically emerge and warm and positive energy moves within and as us from the belly area towards the heart.  Fascinating isn't it?


This shows the extent of separation that we've allowed within and as ourselves in relation to how we LIVE the WORDS we speak and hear. How for each and every word we assigned/associated/connected/defined with either positive or negative charge. For more information with regards to the Living words and redefining of words, I suggest reading Earth's Journey to Life - Day 4: Redefining words - Part 1.


Within my following blogs, I will walk the positive energy charge that is associated to the word Love in relation to sex and masturbation through a process of self forgiveness and self corrective/commitments statements. 


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