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Be Fruitful and Multiply - Self Commitments - Day 120

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I commit myself to SHOW that within the desire to fulfil one's Mitzvah to produce and bring more children into this world is in fact a SIN, as one is accepting and allowing oneself to bring into this world children, without having the ability to practically support them throughout their LIFE.


I commit myself to SHOW that following the Mitzvah of Be Fruitful and Multiply is bases on self interest desire to not be defined by God as  a Sinner/Murderer and that Self interest is based essentially on FEAR and thus, bringing more children into this world by following the Jewish Law is following our own FEARS and have nothing to do with the Child best interest that must be taken into consideration when and as one is making the decision to bring children into this world.


I commit myself to Support those who based their Lives on FEAR within the decision making and assist them to step out of their fear, stand up from within and as themselves, show them the tools of Self Forgiveness and Self corrective application so that they could start directing and move themselves according to ONE principle - of that which is best for all.


I commit myself to SHOW that through blindly following religious Laws, we are in fact, accepting and allowing the continuation of a world of abuse and suffering and that the fact of the matter is = following the religious LAWs is a crime against humanity because within that, we accept and allow the abuse of our own children that are born into this world without any means of support to practically assist them to stand as human beings that are able to make decisions and direct themselves according to that which is best for all and as long as we allow the cycle to continue - we produce more and more self interest being into this world and only perpetuate the abuse that we are allowing in this world.


I commit myself to show that within the directive Fear as a principle, I accept and allow the abuse of my children as I bring them into this world without being ready or skilled to be an effective parent.


I Commit myself to SHOW that instead of taking care of the Billions of children that are already existing in this world as the ultimate application of Love thy Neighbour as thyself, we abdicate our responsibility as human being in this world and rather make our own children for the sake of fulfilling some Mitzvah. And within that, I commit myself to show the extent of the separation that exists within and as the religious Laws through exposing in writing and share common sense perspective that each one of us can test out for themselves. 


I commit myself to SHOW and EXPLAIN that our biggest priority as humanity, is to first make sure we have a world of Value as LIFE to bring our children into and accordingly, stand up together and establish a world of EQUALITY where all have EQUAL access to earth's resources, health care, education, food, clothes, transportation etc before we attempt making children of our own.


I commit myself to SHOW that if we want to leave after us, for our children, a world that is best for all, we must first establish an equality system where each participant is taking into consideration what is here, what can be used with minimum abuse and harm to the world's resources.


I commit myself to SHOW that for a world that is best for all where the parents are skilled and educated to raise their children, there is no way that a family can have so many children and to give to each child the best care possible and accordingly, we will have to do a research to see what is the amount of children that each family can have so that the children will have the utmost potential to grow up in a warm, trustworthy, educational, supportive family unit so that we could sustain a world of care for all.


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