May 15, 2015 | By: A Woman

Self-Empowerment - Practical Living - The Decision (Part 3) - Day 511

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Let’s first define what Self Empowerment is – It is the application of the realization that only I can empower myself within the decisions that I make and the directions that I give to myself in any given moment. it is one’s power to direct one’s reality, based on a decision that one is making in any given moment as a principle that one lives by.

If we look at the examples from the previous blog where an image activated a reaction in you - In that moment, you faced a decision - to either accept and allow yourself to disempower yourself and spiral in the realm of the mind or to decide to empower yourself and stand as a support structure for yourself in stopping and not accepting and allowing the reaction inside of you to direct you, which from there you can see clearly the direction that you can give to yourself.

So in the context of our personal and individual processes, we are making a decision in every given moment – whether it is conscious decision or unconscious decision BUT a decision is always made by us. Many times in my process I found myself in a momentary possession where it literally felt like a war zone inside of myself wherein one part of me can clearly see how and why I am compromising myself during each moment that I accept and allow the reaction to continue inside of myself and the other part of me wants to continue and justify the validity of the reaction and not let go its right to exists inside of me. In these moments, a decision must be made, to which part of me am I going to “listen” for a lack of better word – the one where I accept and allow myself to be disempowered by my own mind or the part that can and will take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed within the self-trust that no matter what consequences I’ve already created, I stand and I will invest the time and effort to correct and align myself based on the principles that I decided to live by. Meaning, whether I will accept and allow the reaction to continue (self-disempowerment), or whether I will stop participating with the reaction and take responsibility (self empowerment) – I am the one that is making the decision for/as myself.

Here comes the tricky part – I often look at my life and I see limitations in being able to direct myself and/or create a reality that is best for myself and others. I used to see that as disempowerment being forced onto me but that is the mistake that I’ve made – physical limitations does not mean disempowerment as with any circumstances, we have the power to direct ourselves with the consideration of what is available here. We can decide to feel disempowered and give up OR we can decide to work with that which is here and still direct ourselves as what is best in any given moment.

For example, I can sit and cry the whole day about how difficult life  is or I can decide to do something about it. When I decide to do something about it, it doesn’t mean that I will be successful in my application or will see satisfactory results – but what is certain is that I will keep and find ways and/or align the direction until I become successful within the goals that I set forth for myself. An example, when I moved to SA, I refused to learn Afrikaans because I thought that I will not be successful in learning another language based on my school experiences so from the get go, I disempowered myself by believing my own mind that I’m not capable of learning a new language. Until one day, I made a decision to stop accepting and allowing my own self-disempowerment and to instead invest the time and effort to learn Afrikaans. Once I made the decision, learning Afrikaans became easy because I know that the amount of time and effort I will put into learning a new language, the faster I will see the results that I placed for myself as goals. The first step was to make the decision to empower myself and learn a new language and the second step is to continue making the decision every time I am exposed to a new word in Afrikaans that I want to integrate. Me making the decision to learn Afrikaans doesn’t mean that I will learn Afrikaans if I will not make a decision in any moment that I am exposed to learning Afrikaans if that make sense. This is where giving up is coming from, from us not understanding that it is not one singular decision to change and change is manifesting, it is a consistent decision to change in real time moment of facing the point in our reality and make a conscious decision to change.

So, at one stage you find yourself in a point where you say:  Enough is Enough. We find ourselves looping around the same pattern, knowing where the point will lead us, what consequences we will create if we continue participating in a specific pattern because we’ve already investigated and yet, nothing changed. That is because we haven’t really made the choice to change in real time moment and we allowed ONE singular thought to spiral inside of ourselves instead of just saying to ourselves – enough, I had enough of this now.

The bottom line is - for us to empower ourselves as a living expression of ourselves and really change - the power of making a decision/choice must be understood and applied. Will continue in the next blog post.


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