Jun 15, 2015 | By: A Woman

Together we are not Alone–Day 512



The night before last was an immensely cold night and even though I had the heater on and a nice thick duvet, the cold got into my bones and my body was shaking from the inside, trying to get itself warm. When my body started shaking from the cold, I couldn't stop thinking about those people, just here down the road, who sleep with no heater on, no nice thick duvet or cement walls to isolate the rooms from the cold.


I started looking that night at how the hell can I personally support these people - obviously, I don't have the budget to buy all the people in this world an heater or a nice thick duvet or build decent housing; and even if I do have that money, how are they going to pay for the electricity for the purpose of turning the heater on for example? And I mean, having a heater is just one small thing - these people and so many more are facing a moment to moment survival in a world of abundance which to me is not acceptable way of living is it?


Honestly I felt sad - it is clear by now that on my individual capacity, I cannot make sure that all people in this world has decent and worthy housing, electricity, food, transport, education and so forth. It is clear that 10 people cannot make sure that all people in this world has a decent and dignified life as how we would all want for ourselves. It is clear that 100 people cannot help everyone on this world to have access to their basic human rights. It is clear that 1,000 people cannot make sure that this world will take a turn in implementing the necessary change that is required to maintain and sustain a life that is worthy of living. But, don't you think that 1,000,000 people that are coming together can be so powerful source in making sure what needs to be done is done? And how about 1,000,000,000 people standing together as a powerful unity?


What worth does it have if we all stand alone, wishing for a change or wishing that suffering will end one day if we don't practically do something about it - TOGETHER?


There are so many people in this world who would want to do something but in some way or another, most of us feel that we don't know what or how to practically do it. This is because we each try to invent the wheel while there is no real need to invent a new wheel as everything is already here and ready to be changed in the way that is best for all. All that is really needed is our understanding that together we are NOT alone in this vision and mission of creating a dignified life for all people and animals and when we pull our resources together, all our individual skills, our individual power, we will become one unified force that has the power to demand and implement a change in this world.


So this is a call for myself and others - to come together with our individual skills, forces and powers and to together implement encompassing solutions on all levels of life within the vision and mission of creating a life that is of worth for every creature on this planet.


Would like to take this floor to share the following:

The Equal Life Foundation – Bill of Rights

The Living Income Guaranteed Proposal

Fundamental Human Rights by Equal Life Foundation


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