Apr 22, 2015 | By: A Woman

Self-Empowerment - Practical Living (Part 2) - Day 510

In my previous post I ended off with:


"In the next post we will move from being aware of the structural lines of information to practical living in how to assist and support ourselves to actually move from the mind reality that is limited to the layers of information we stored inside of ourselves into the physical reality where possibilities and opportunity of self-empowerment and change actually exists."


With the example in the previous post, we had a look at how one image of a luxurious car activated different lines of information and each line of information thereafter spiraled into further lines of information. This essentially means that we shifted away from the physical reality and moved into the realm of our minds, in isolation.

For myself, I found these quantum time shifts from the physical reality to be very disempowering because in these moments, I am not the directive principle of my own reality as I gave my power of direction away to one singular image (or it can be anything from sound to movement and so forth).


Disempowerment in the sense that - with activating these lines of information that we access to in a quantum moment, we prevent a direct physical seeing of reality for what it is, through which we are unable to effectively move to solutions but instead we remain in reactive state of being. (If you haven't already, I suggest reading: From Reaction to Prevention and the Correction Process - Day 239) where I described the 'WHY' remaining in a reactive state is counterproductive for yourselves and the people in your environment and how instead, we must assist and support ourselves to move into the solution in changing our living application to one that is of self-integrity and worth).


Many times I asked myself after the effect (after I stepped out of a reaction) - "But why??? Why the hell did I shift again to the same line of information in the mind? Why despite of me being aware of this tendency of mine to react to a specific event, I am unable to effectively support myself to change and stop my participation with this line of thoughts/information?"


In other times I find my in moments of emotional reaction in a fighting mode with myself where one part of me is seeing clearly the absolutely ridiculousness of continuing participation with the reaction and the other part of me is saying "but, but, but… but I am right to react the way I am" type of thing. Here I was questioning 'why despite of me seeing clearly how I compromise and disempowering myself, I still experience a fight within myself?


Then there are also those times where I stopped participation in real time moment and didn't allow myself to follow the layers of information in the mind but then the next moment came by and very quickly I went into  point of disempowerment where I follow the layered information with a reaction. Here I was asking myself - how is it that in one moment I could stop participating but in the next moment, I so quickly went into the mind, following layers of information within a reaction inside of myself?


With looking at these questions that I asked myself, I found couple of interesting dimensions that contribute to why I was not effectively applying change in a real time moment:

  1. The decision to change was not clear.
  2. I am moving too fast in the mind and not supporting myself to slow down.
  3. There is something behind the scenes that I haven't investigated/seen yet.
  4. The red flags that I placed for myself were incomplete.


In the next post we will have a look at these dimensions and start practically to support ourselves to make a decision to change in real time moment and follow through on this decision.


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