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Living 'Direction' as a Living Word - Day 467

This is a continuation to my recent blogs From Limitation to Direction - Day 465 and The start of 'Direction' as a living expression - Day 466. I strongly suggest that if you haven't already, read through these 2 blogs for context to this blog post.


So, I made the commitment to start my process of 'Direction' and within that, accepting that it would be a learning curve through a moment by moment living application. 'Learning curve', from the dimension that I was not pre-programmed to 'Direct' in how I am assisting and supporting myself in becoming a living expression of 'Direction' as a living principle of 'What is best for all' ; my pre-program design of  'direct' myself/people/situations was according to a self interest starting point, in fulfilling my wants/needs/desires. Within this thus, I realized that It is a process of Creation - creating within and as myself, 'Direction' as a living word, a living expression of myself which is created through/by  accumulation of moment by moment living application of 'Direction'.


The night of publishing the blog: From Limitation to Direction - Day 465, I couldn't sleep, I was fully awake, restless; Without my awareness, I accessed a point of limitation again where in my mind, I would blame another for not directing a point that I asked them to direct for me because I saw myself as unauthorized or powerless in directing a specific point. Here, I noticed that there is a problem because just a few hours ago I have made an agreement with myself to start my process of 'Direction' and yet again, I was falling into the pre-program design of blaming another for not directing points for me.


Initially, when I saw that I accessed the pattern again, I stood up from within myself and said: "No, this is bullshit- I see where the 'urge' of blaming another is coming from, I see that I require to direct the point myself but this can wait for tomorrow  because it is time to sleep now". BUT - nope, I was still very much awake.


Then a memory came up - my father once told me that when solving a mathematical equation, drawing the question leads to half of the solution; I also remembered how Bernard used to show us how to present to others that which he was speaking about. Meaning, while he was presenting a new concept or a new direction, he would also draw his words on a piece of paper as a way of ensuring that everyone has a tangible understanding of that which he was speaking about.


So I got up, took my note book and started to organize my thoughts by drawing the structure as a solution that I was looking at - I wanted to assess if what I saw in my mind does actually make sense in the physical reality on a practical level. I enjoyed the drawing part - it was like getting a new puzzle and now I had to match the pieces and put them in the right location. When I was done, I was pretty satisfied because I was now ready to present the solution that I was seeing to the group I was working with and within that, to finally direct the point to its upmost potential. At that stage, I could put my body to rest.


The  next day, I presented the point to the group and everyone were clear and could follow the flow charts that I drew and at the end of my presentation,  we were all on the same page,  a decision was made immediately and taaaa daaaa - a point of direction that I was struggling with for so long,  was now structured and directed. 


Promise Stretched Canvas PrintWhat I realized from this event is the following:

In the past, when I asked someone to direct points for me, I was basically stating within myself that I'm limited, powerless and inadequate in being able to stand as the point of direction. However, what I haven't realized before was that the only reason why I 'felt' this way was because the 'direction' was not clearly defined within myself and instead of taking responsibility and clearly define the direction within myself, I shifted the responsibility towards another to figure out how to direct a specific point which within that, I believed that I won't be accountable for the manifested outflows. Here obviously, there are many other dimensions involved whereas for instance, it is 'easier' to ask someone else to find a way to direct a point because if the direction will not manifest to best outcome, I could blame the other for the decision that they made in how they  directed a specific point. I will expand about this points more in one of the next blogs to come.

Thus, the
practical correction here - When and as I see myself going to another expecting them to direct a point that I see required to be directed, I stop, I take a breath in and I remind myself that I haven't clearly defined the direction within myself and therefore, instead of looking for solutions outside of myself, I place 'Direction' within and as me and until the solution presents itself and clearly defined within myself.

Within the example above,  holding the information in my brain was not sufficient as I didn't stand equal and one to the information and therefore, the correction here was to bring all  the information 'here' and draw everything on a piece of paper to visually see the time lines in the physical reality and how everything can practically come together to manifest the best outcome.

This is not an absolute point wherein, sometimes I may not see all the information and therefore, won't be able to utilize the tool of drawing to structure the information effectively. Within my process of 'Direction', I may find that there are other tools that I am able to utilize to assist and support myself to express the direction that I see fit. There would also be times where I self honestly won't see any practical solution/direction, I then commit myself to discuss with the other the problem that I am seeing and through communication, we utilize the power of 2 or more in my name as we together look for solutions/directions that we are able to stand as.


And with how process works - when one point is walked, the next point opens up for one to walk - so stay tuned as I continue sharing the process of 'Direction'.



Art work - Dottie Gleason


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