Apr 12, 2014 | By: A Woman

The start of 'Direction' as a living expression - Day 466

The day that I've finished the blog -  From Limitation to Direction - Day 465 a fascinating point opened up. On the outside, everything seems to be normal, it was just another ordinary day but in the inside, there was undefined movement that was vibrating inside my whole body. Initially, I interpreted the intensity as 'something is wrong, something isn't working' and from there, I accessed the pre-programmed energy signature of how I lock myself into the point of needing to control my environment but at the same time, there was nothing to control so what I done was what I "knew" best to do - to push myself to work even harder than I normally do as a statement within myself that the only way to 'fix' the problem is by standing as an example.  BUT - at the same time, I was familiar with the pattern that I accessed to and so, it was a Red Flag for me to slow down for a moment and investigate what's really going on inside myself.


So, I had a look at what the specific 'intensity' or 'Intense vibration' that is moving inside my body and interestingly enough, it felt like the moment before an earthquake, where everything is starting to vibrate intensely before all the structures/buildings collapsing. In reality, if a building has a solid foundation, a structure, the building will most likely to survive the earthquake but if a building is rocky and the foundation wasn't laid effectively, the building will fall.


This led me to look at what within my responsibilities, or the tasks that I have direct involvement with, is not laid effectively, where a structure is missing, where the foundation is rocky. When I identify the 'missing brick' so to speak, I could see inside myself how to build a solid structure so that the 'Building' is standing strong. Once I saw that, the movement inside my body stopped, it was quiet again.


BUT - now, it is one thing to see the problem and the solution and it is another thing to actually direct the point and especially when the point involves other people rather than just me. Now I was standing the face of 'Direction' where it was my responsibility to direct the point and ensure that effective structure is in place BUT, I didn't want to stand as the point of direction as I didn't feel that I have the 'Authorization' to direct the point. At the same time, I realized it was my responsibility to direct the point because I was the one who saw not only the problem but also the solution so the only thing I knew how to support myself with was first to work with myself and apply Self Forgiveness. Then I remembered: "Oh Shit, I've been cycling this point for quite a while now because I already started with SF on the point of Direction and Limitation and yet, I never took Absolut responsibility for this point so it is about time that I will".


I went back to my drawing board and opened the document that I started 6 months ago, surprisingly enough, the blog was complete, the SF was aligned, the Commitments were aligned and the only thing that was not aligned was ME in my commitment to stand by and as the written word. I realized that I haven't published the blog because for me, I would only publish a blog if I am absolute self honestly able to stand by the written word.


With publishing the blog that day, I started a new process of assisting and supporting myself to stand as 'Direction' as a living expression of myself. From there, interesting things opened up that I will be sharing in the next blogs to come.


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