Apr 20, 2014 | By: A Woman

Reality knocks on the door. Again! - Day 468

The blog series - Emotional Attachment and Physical connection (Part 5) - Day 464 started from one single reaction that I had when I heard that Gracie, our dog, may have cancer. I didn't imagine that it would open up a can of worms and that I will be learning about myself since that day.


So fortunately, Gracie doesn't have Cancer. Unfortunately, we finally found out what the problem is with her - We ran a lot of tests and she was treated intensively for a few months - the decisions that we have to make are not easy


She has ossification in both of her ear canals and it has reached a point where it cannot be  reversed. It all started with chronic allergy reaction that over time caused inflammation in her ears which then developed to calcification which led to ossification and at the moment, we haven't find a way to treat the inflammation as her ear canals are locked. The even bigger problem is the concurrent bacterial infection that again, cannot be treated due to the ear canal being blocked by the local ossification.


At this point our next move is to consult a specialist to give a second opinion and at the same time, checking alternative medicine to see if there is anything else we can do that we were not aware of as of yet.  Although we hope that we will get some good news in terms of alternative treatment options, all information currently points to only one course of action: Surgically removing both of her ears, which means that Gracie will be deaf for the rest of her life. This scenario leads to the question of what is then the best choice for her?


Obviously, within this point, I'm facing lots of personal points that opened up with the decision that we have to make however, within this blog post, I would like to address a different issue:


It was said to us that only if we knew before that there is a chronic allergy in her ear, we could have prevented the ossification but the thing is, we were taking Gracie to the Vet every time she developed ear infection and each time, we were told that it's just because of Gracie's swimming habits and accordingly, she was locally treated.   I don't remember even once that they asked us for permission to perform X-rays to figure out what is really going on. From my perspective, I had full trust that the Vet will have Gracie's best interest way before Money whereas, if required, they would ask us for permission to perform X-rays - that was the level of trust that I had towards my dog's Vet in Israel.

Obviously, I didn't consider that I am not in Israel any more where Money isn't the issue for most people when it comes to their pets. Here, in South Africa, the majority of the population do not have the means to afford X-ray which causes the mentality of not being bothered with even asking the pet's owner if they would prefer to go on the Prevention route.


I got really angry! Reality knocks on the door again to remind me how fucked up the world/money system is, whereas Prevention as the Best Cure is not a principle that we live by. Why?  Because if we do the math, we can see that Prevention won't generate income for the Elite of this world - the Elite of this world are living off the consequences you, me and the animals experience on a daily basis. It is ridiculous -

Consequences = Money for the Elite and lesser Quality of life for the majority; 

Prevention = More money for everyone and Extraordinary Quality of life for everyone


The problem is, that we, the majority, have abdicated our responsibility in critically thinking about what we have allowed this world to become and therefore, the Elite had and still have the power to direct the living experiences of us all because we were the ones who gave this power away and we are the ones who cannot yet see that we are still able to change the game by taking our human right / power. So what would make us see?


Unfortunately, the answer is 'Consequences'. My question is - how much more consequences do we have to manifest for us to finally see and take action?


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