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Emotional Attachment and Physical connection (Part 4) - Day 463

Within this blog series, I have shared with you how I investigate a reaction that I had when I heard that one of the dog is sick. What seemed to be a very 'small' reaction, opened up a fascinating point in understanding better how the mind works and its relationship to relationship we have with others beings (animals and humans). So if you haven't already, I suggest reading through the blog series:


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When I opened up the point with Sunette, she explained the design of Emotional Attachment - emotional attachments are very specific, wherein, when one had form an emotional attachment to another being, there will be ONE particular energy experience connected to that ONE being. So in other words, with every being we have emotional attachment to, each one of these beings would represent one particular and specific energy experience that we unconsciously believe that we are unable to stand as, as an expression of ourselves and thus, we require having a being around to activate the energy experience for us to access it.


Now, to understand Emotional Attachment, one have to understand the basic principle of Energy - Energy is ALWAYS polarized, when positive energy exists, Negative energy Exists. To expand your understanding on Energy - please visit EQAFE and listen to the Quantum Mind Self Awareness Series


Emotional attachment is based on polarized dependency structure where the negative emotional energy would protect the truth of the positive energy experience that one had associated with another being. Meaning, the positive would imply that we perceive the other being to give us something that we are unable to give to ourselves - and the negative would suppress or hide the positive, of how we have defined our relationship to another. This creates a relationship of dependency rather than a relationship that is based on mutual support structure.


So to make it clearer, let's have a look at my relationship with Gracie - I have found that the Word that describe best the ONE positive energy experience that Gracie gives me is Comfort. Meaning, I was able to access the Energy experience of feeling comfort when Gracie is around. Within this, I have created a dependency relationship to Gracie wherein, only when Gracie is around, I could access the Positive Energy Experience of feeling comfort. To Balance the Positive Energy, Negative Energy must be created and that I did every now and then by being concern about Gracie's health. For instance, one day, I hangout with Gracie and enjoyed the comfort in her presence and all of a sudden, I had concerns because her skin was too pink and irritated due to the amount of hours she spent in the pool without giving her body the time to dry itself. Now, in self honesty, the concerns were more in the nature of fear because practically, it does make sense that if the skin is wet for so long without being dried properly, the skin will be irritated but instead of being concern about it, the practical step would be to support the skin by simply dry it properly.


When the Vet called and said she needs to be tested again, it activate the Negative Energy Experience within myself as a reaction. The nature of the reaction was actually, a fear of lose which was implied by the words I spoke at that moment - "Why all the animals I am attached to have to die" (for context - Emotional Attachment and Physical connection (Part 1) - Day 460)


Here is an example of how we are solidifying the dependency relationship to other beings in our lives where we had associated Positive Energy Experience we are accessing to, when they are around or when we think about them, but at the same time, we generate Negative Energy Experience when for instance, we have concerns of fears that something bad is going to happened to them which implies fear of lose. The circling between the Positive and the Negative keeps the dependency relationship intact as we normally would never question the positive or the negative energy we have created and keep on creating towards the other being. The consequences of not questioning this point is a life of Energy expression that is dependent on Positive and Negative instead of creating ourselves as independent beings where we are able to access specific expressions as a living expression of who we are.


This actually led me to ask myself the next question - is it that we fear losing the other being, or is it that we fear losing the Positive Energy Experience? Is it that our relationships to others is based on the type of energy we can draw from them or is it a relationship that is based on a physical connection, where we are able to share and express ourselves within one another?


More in the next blog.


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