Apr 4, 2014 | By: A Woman

Emotional Attachment and Physical connection (Part 5) - Day 464

When I started walking the blog series - "Emotional Attachment and Physical connection", I had no idea that what would emerge from this blog series would be an introspection of relationships as a whole. The more I investigate the point, the more I expose myself to what relationship actually is and how relationships are currently lived. In my last blog, I asked myself - 


"is it that we fear losing the other being, or is it that we fear losing the Positive Energy Experience? Is it that our relationships to others is based on the type of energy we can draw from them or is it a relationship that is based on a physical connection, where we are able to share and express ourselves with one another?"


It is interesting because the reasons why it was relatively "easy" (for a lack of a better word) from the sense of not experiencing so much resistance to open up these points within myself, was due to the starting point being to investigate the reaction towards an animal being sick as oppose to a human being sick. The reason being - the Value we give to a Human in our mind is for the most part greater than the value we give to an Animal (Which is another blog by itself) and so, the resistance to open up the point if it was a human, most likely to be far more intense as oppose to the resistance being in relation to an animal.


Obviously this point is extensive as I now see that I require to investigate each and every relationship that I have ever had or still have with individuals. For instance, what I have started doing is to bring the relationship with all its memories here, and see who I am in the relationship to this individual and the memories and then, in side myself I imagine that the being is gone for some reason, and I assess who I am then, when they are no longer in my reality - what energy moves inside myself, what thoughts comes up and so on. Then, I bring everything back here, see again what moves inside myself. This is how I assist and support myself in identifying the Emotional Attachment and Name the Specific Energy that is the starting point of that relationship.


Next what I will be doing is assisting and supporting myself to Transform the energy connection to a physical connection where I am able to express/share myself with others as a living physical expression of myself whereas, their presence or absence  in my reality is not dependent on Who I AM as a living expression.


So it is going to be an interesting point to walk through, first with myself and then as a physical correction - will share more as I move ahead..




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