Mar 22, 2014 | By: A Woman

Emotional Attachment and Physical connection (Part 1) - Day 460

(Note – I started writing this blog 2 weeks ago, so the events that took place was in alignment to when the blog was written)


IMG_20140316_012730More than a year ago, I shared about my relationship towards Babitjie, one of our cats that had died. (How to Deal with a Death of our Pet - Part 2 - Day 249). Since than, it took me a while to connect again to another animal because unconsciously, I didn't want to experience again the feeling of losing a loved animal.


In the past couple of months, I started connecting again with the dogs that lives with us and especially with Gracie, Blackie and Zack as they are the primary dogs that spend their time with me.


3 weeks ago, Gracie started showing a problem with her ears - we have been taking her to the vet couple of times since then, to find a treatment that will work for her. Today, they had to give her anesthetics so that they can see better what is going on inside her ears. They found the problem and Gracie returned home to recover from the anesthetics but a few hours later, the Vet called and said that we have to take her in again next week because the blood test were indecisive.


The moment I heard that, there was a reaction within myself. The first words that came from my mouth were: "but why every animal I'm getting attached to is dying". The interesting thing is that Gracie isn't dying and we don't even know what the blood tests mean and besides, it’s not that all the animals are dying, it  was only Babitjie that had died and there are so many other animals that I have connection with, and they are perfectly ok. What was also interesting was the specific words that I spoke out of reaction: "Attached to" - which carried emotional energetic charge to it.


So I started looking at my reactions and where it all came from:

  1. Gracie's Nature is extremely similar to my dog that I left behind when I moved to the farm. I was extremely attached to my dog, Yalda, and it took me months to release the emotional connection that I formed within myself however, the characteristics that Yalda has, are very similar to Gracie's so forming a relationship connection with Gracie was very natural.
  1. How Gracie in particular and the pack in general stand as stable point in my life whereas, they are always here when I wake up, they are always here when I go to sleep, they are always here when I come home... And within that, I never feel alone. 


Will continue opening these points more in my next blog as well as practically showing how I am working with points (reactions) that comes up in my reality in terms of how I assist and support myself with investigating points within myself through writing these blogs.


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